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  1. I did start this thread b/c I wanted to complain about the price of somthing. I sometimes rent beacons, know how to use them, and try to practice every time I rent. I was bitching about the price becuase I know my partners will not buy them, so if I wanted them to use one I would have to buy it for them compounding the price problems.

  2. This question has come up a couple of times, but there never has been much in they way of speculation: why the fuck to avalanche transcievers cost so much? I was wanting to feel a little safer this winter, but I'm not going to shell out $200/beacon. What's up?

  3. I thought I would throw a couple of ideas out.

    1) PV=nRT is not likely to model the gas well at high pressures (i.e. if any of the fuel is liquid) as the ideal gas law assumes that interactions between the molecules are negligible.

    2) Don't the canisters have pressure relief valves like propane tanks?

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