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  1. Late August Climbs

    Chicagoians looking for a nice easy Cascades climb for the third week in August. We were thinking about something on Hood but have been told that it is too late in the season. Looking for a snow and ice climb. This will be the first mountain experience for some in the group. Ideas??
  2. Late August Climbs

    Thanks for all of the input guys. Some of the group will just have gotten done with Rainier (probably Emmons Glacier) and will have crevasse experience so I'm not worried about falling in. The newbies will have some backcountry experience but no crampon/axe expereince. We'll most likely do a snow school and then climb. I'll try and post a trip report when we get back. Thanks again... Mike
  3. I want to thank all of you for the info on boots a while back. I ended up buying a pair of Moraines (long story). Now I am looking for crampons. I'd like to get a set of BD Sabertooths. I know they fit the boot becuase I have tried on a pair with my boots but I am worried that the boot flex may make them pop off. I don't plan on climbing anything real technical right now but would like to have the option later. Any thoughts?? I was also looking at the BD Contacts (full bail on front and step in on back). Any thoughts?? Thanks again, Mike
  4. Moutaineering Boots

    Hello all, I'm sure this topic has been rehashed a ton so I apologize in advance. I'm a beginning mountaineer that lives in Chicago but is planning to move to Portland in October. I am looking for my first pair of mountaineering boots that will be pretty versitale for anything out your way. Not looking to do any vertical ice yet but need something that will allow me to tromp up and down all of those great snow capped peaks. I have tried on the La Sprotiva Karakorum and really like them. Any other thoughts?? Since I live in Chicago it is hard for me to try on a bunch due to the lack of shops that carry them. I work at an outdoor shop and will end up ordering them and sending them back if they don't fit so that is why I'd like to narrow down the field. Thanks in advance and climb on!!! Mike Gehard mgehard@yahoo.com