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  1. We're planning the NW face of the North ridge. The big question is, "Does the 'schrund pose a significant obstacle on this route at this time?" We'd hate to spend a day getting there only to turn around, especially because the current conditions on the approach sound ugly.
  2. We're considering the NW face of the North ridge. The big question is, "does the 'schrund pose an insurmountable obstacle to climbing this route?" If it does, then we'll consider some other alpine ice climb.
  3. We're planing to climb in a couple of weeks, has anyone been up this route lately? How's the 'schrund at the base?
  4. We were checked once in the lower basin (Leprechaun Lake) and once in the upper basin. Both times we were away from our tent.
  5. 2 years ago, when the weather was so bad that there were only 2 small parties up there, we had our permit checked twice.
  6. Any beta on Glacier Peak, Kennedy Glacier route? We're planning on camping above the Ptarmigan glacier, ascending the Ptarmigan and upper Kennedy, skipping Frostbite and Rabbit Ears. Any time honored advice would also be apprecieated.
  7. Becky's description of the route to Spickard through Perry Creek basin predates a forest fire that happened there ca 15 years ago. He describes an approach through mature forest with minimal understory along the "west" side of Perry Creek. Now there is nothing but young evergreens, slide alder and devil's club each growing 4" apart! When making this approach I'd consider running the ridge between Perry & Little Beaver to appx. 4400' and then contouring to the basin. It looks like it would be a !#@! load easier than trying to follow Becky.
  8. Hey David, I have 4 daughters ages 9-13 who love to climb and family backpack or car camp. Let's see if we can figure something out. rcajr@premier1.net
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