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  1. Brothers Traverse

    Yeah, I was actually thinking of the traverse between the two peaks along the ridge that separates the two. The Oly Mtn Guide says this is a jaunty II 4. Thanks for the beta on the descent from the North Peak...it sounds like something to be avoided.
  2. Brothers Traverse

    Has anyone done the traverse between South and North Brothers? Also, anyone been up South Brother latelt?
  3. Anyone done Liberty Ridge this Spring? I'd love to hear about conditions, especially if someone has done it recently.
  4. Mt. Cruiser

    Anyone been up Mt. Cruiser lately? I'm curious whether or not we'll need ice axe/crampons in the approach gulley for the standard route.
  5. I was hoping someone could supply beta on the Silver Star Creek vs. Burgundy Col approaches to Silver Star Mountain. We're concerned about the water supply at Burgundy Col as well as possible crowds. Anybody have an opinion?