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  1. Matt, I will recommend AGAINST the HP Photosmart Digicam...I should have done more research before buying mine. It sucks up battery life even when turned off, so I go through batteries like crazy. My prints are awesome, and ease of downloading and printing are great, but I would not buy this camera again.

  2. This may be a long shot, but anyone out there know about any bouldering near the Oregon coast town of Neskowin (just north of Lincoln City)?

    I'll be there with my family - all non-climbers- next week. Might be able to drag my sisters out if I promise they won't get too far off the ground. wink.gif



  3. Greg,

    I've been going to Crown Hill Vet Hospital for about 2.5 years with my Newfie, who has a little hip dysplasia and a genetic digestive disease. Had a bad experience at Phinney Ridge with a rather alarmist, arrogant person. I love the vets at Crown Hill for their reasonableness and willingness to give me all the options instead of just the one they think I should pursue. Phone is 206-782-6363, and they're open on weekends, too.

  4. I was there last year, May 7th thru 11th....it snowed every single day, accumulating about 3-4 inches over the course of the first two days. The last day it warmed up enough to melt all the snow and dry most of the rock we were on. This year might be drier.

  5. Had a chance to preview the film...the story is compelling enough for me to have appreciated it and the book. Not a lot of climbing in the film, but great commentaries from Simon and Joe, and highly impactful story-telling (for me anyway, though I am sure any guy out there would classify me as "emotional.").

  6. Whisperlite Internationale - used current model, excellent condition $30 (these are $75 new)

    web page


    Also have a bunch of Isobutane cartridges that are used with stoves like the MSR Rapidfire...some are mostly full, a couple are completely full. If you come get them, you can have them (I'm in Ballard, of course). smile.gif

    PM me if interested.

  7. Trashed my legs in the run down the mtn in the Ski to Sea this weekend, don't think I'll be making p.c. tonight unless I can do better than a hobble by the time I get home!

    Super fun race, tho, worth the pain!

  8. Love my Arc'teryx Khamsin 38 for light loads, and my Arc'teryx Khamsin 52 for bigger loads. The 52 weighs in at something like just over 3 lbs, which is significant when 3 lbs are 3% of one's body weight. The hipbelts on the Khamsins are very flexible, padded enough for bony hips, though. I wore a Mountainsmith Frostfire for years, and endured brutal welts on my hips and collarbone. Now I carry only my Khamsins. Have both in the small size, as I'm only 5'2". Thought about getting a Bora, but it weighs over 6 lbs and has a padded, uncontoured hipbelt, which still gives me nightmares after years with the Mtnsmithy.

  9. Saturday, May 3rd from 10am to 4pm.

    Mostly Outdoor toys, including Ski, Climbing, Camping and Paddling gear. Also included will be an assortment of clothing and household items.


    Tell your friends, we need room in the house.....for new gear.



    7735 13th NW - Ballard






  10. Billygoat said:

    cool.gif I just appreciated the blast of cool Colorado air from Jules bigdrink.gif


    Glad someone did, thanks, Billy! Other than myself, of course. Must say I was glad we weren't in a lift-assist ski area. Didn't see anyone not in my party except the 3 or 4 people staying in the hut a little further up the ridge.

  11. And Teneriffe, just east of Si. Don't follow the old logging roads, take the somewhat discreet trail to the right just as the road turns uphill. This old trail follows the stream/waterfall straight up to the ridgeline, and becomes almost non-existent on the ridge. Just follow ridge to summit (sometimes tape marks the trail thru the trees). Probably best to take the road on the way down, you'll be able to move faster. Elev gain approx 4000' in about 3.5 miles.

    Also Mt Higgins just east of Arlington. Elev gain 3500' in 4.5 miles, with most elev gained in first and last miles. Spectacular views.

    My other 2cents: train with a pack. Doesn't have to be real heavy, but I'd suggest getting used to carrying some. Makes a big diff in my opinion. Of course, a 40lb pack is 40% of my body weight. Crap. I'd better start bulking up.

  12. rat said:

    go back to colorado. leave your dog. we'll eat it.

    drink, spew, fight.

    Certainly he would provide you with many good days of meat. Newfoundlands are kinda big. I think I'll keep him around for now, though. I'll keep ya posted. snaf.gif

  13. Did I forget to mention a coupla feet of freshiez, and I didn't get mired down in it because it wasn't CONCRETE?! And 6 more inches the night before we left?!



    Price of hut trip in guise of business trip: not much, and all expensed to company;

    Price of skiing at 11,000+ elevation for 3 days: not being able to sleep OR breathe well;

    Coming home to sea-level, oxygen-rich home in the Northwest: priceless.

  14. Can we bring dogs? Just got back from 10th Mtn Div hut trip. The snow in Colorado is so incredibly beautiful. And dry. fruit.gifWow. They told me, but I had to experience it to believe it. Wow. I have zero desire to ski in the Northwest right now. Too freakin' wet. Is it drier east of the mtns? I need to go to Colorado again.