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  1. On 6/30/2020 at 2:15 PM, OlegV said:

    Whoever called the LR the "classic climb" was wrong. I've climbed this ridge twice and each time my partner or I were an inch away from being hit by a flying rock.  The PR is a much better and  safer objective. There is nothing aesthetic about LR either.  The bottom line, the LR is a boring dangerous place.  

    Keep in mind ... 30 ~ 40 years ago, Lib Ridge, Willis Wall and the rest of the north side of Rainier was a bit different animal 

  2. I'll third the motion for CCW ...  I've been using a Chernobyl and a custom Valdez for a number of years, (Chernobyl has got to be pushing 20 years old by now) ... rock solid, bomber construction and great customer service.

    The custom Valdez (40L) Randy made for me included a padded, Chernobyl like hip-belt with gear/tool loops for a better carry with heavier loads,  replacing the newer fixed crampons straps with his original design of daisy chains and removable/replaceable  straps along with a couple internal daisy's

    A 40L pack on a 14.5" torso could be a challenge ...


    Thank you Mr Rackliff

  3. As JasonG mentions above  ... July is typically too late for descent skiing on Adams  ... go early in the season  ... watch for road reports on NF-500 and how close you can get to Cold Springs Campground, consider skiing the last mile or two of the road.

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  4. Sobo & G2G .. thanks for the update, exactly the sort of feedback I was hoping for.


    I always chuckled at the name for PoC .. my recollection is a little friendly rivalry between Kerns and Fritz to see who got it first. I guess if something had to go, at least it was a couple of the shorter bolted routes. I'm wondering if it was the entire column or only the portion above the small roof on SM?


    Obviously this will turn Couch Potato and Entrance Exam into entirely different routes, and I imagine over time will most likely lead to a couple new ones.


    On a sad note ... fellow Yakimaniac Sam Alder pasted away last week. Sam and I spent hundreds of hours at the Columns back in the early 80's before moving on to bigger and better things in the Alpine. Cragg should remember him.