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    It was an awesome climb and I'm surprised too that it isn't busier. Definitely one that I would do again. I'm curious how the permitting system work when it is implemented next year... @ScaredSilly, that is interesting. I took a look at the snowpack data for Mt. Hood (closest station to Jeff) and it may explain things a little bit. This year the snowpack was average or slightly above earlier in the year then tapered off in the spring. The year you climbed it, 2014, the snowpack was well below average early in the year but then picked up quite a bit in the spring, which may explain the wide open shrund (lack of winter snowfall) and more snow on the summit ridge (more spring snow).
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    Trip: South Twin, Jaw's Tooth, Skookum (Kloke), Little Sister, Cinderella - Green Creek Circuit Trip Date: 06/30/2019 Trip Report: Me and Dylan climbed the Green Creek Circuit per the "Cascades Rock" guide: Green Creek Arete to South Twin, NW Face of Jaw's Tooth, NE Ridge of Skookum, central arete on the NW face of Little Sister, then the west ridge of Cinderella. It was amazing. Lots of fun mostly easy travel on varied terrain with soloing, simul-climbing, downclimbing, snow, loose gullies. My kind mountaineering and classic Cascades style. I would say that the left arete on Little Sister might be better due to a section of scary detached blocks on the right one that we climbed. On the left one you would get more ridge scrambling which was amazing. 14.5 hours car-to-car, 7800', 13.4 miles. More terrain to be explored past Cinderella at left: Dylan on the final scramble to Cinderella: Looking back up Green Creek after a great day: Dylan in the upper Green Creek basin: Dylan eschewed my offer of a trekking pole in favor of looking like a doofus crossing the Middle Fork: Gear Notes: 30m rope got us off Jaw's Tooth with some easy downclimbing and was perfect for simul-climbing axe small rack Approach Notes: Per Darin, the Forest Service has actually cleaned up their part of the trail and it is getting moderate use to Elbow Lake.