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Subtitled Movies on 123Movies

While some people are annoyed by subtitles, others find their charm in them. The 123Movies online movie theater offers many videos with high-quality two-voiced translations, so fans of comfort won't have to look at subtitles every time. However, sometimes such text can be useful. Let's talk about the features of subtitles and their customization on the platform.

Subtitled Movies on 123Movies


Why do you need subtitles when watching movies?

Such an option will be needed in the following cases:

  1. You watch videos in a foreign language and are used to watching movies in the original. Translation is fine, but even the most accurate translation is no substitute for the original. Thanks to subtitles and original speech, you will be able to understand the intonation of the characters and learn what they really wanted to say.
  2. Learning a foreign language.
  3. In this case, practice is important, and watching movies with subtitles will be a great way to practice the language, pump up your listening skills, that is, listening comprehension. Not doing too well so far? On the platform you can always slow down the playback, so you can work through each line.
  4. Subtitled movies are a real solution for the hearing impaired.
  5. Now people with such problems can comfortably follow the plot and do not miss anything important, you just need to turn on subtitles in English.
  6. Sometimes a subtitled movie is the only option available.
  7. This happens if you're looking for a rare arthouse or a movie from a little-known director.

Fine-tuning subtitles on 123Movies

On the site subtitles are available for every video, you can enable and disable them manually, you don't need to register or subscribe. You need to find the subtitles section and then select a specific language. English, French, German, Spanish and other languages are available on the site.

In the app, you can set more precise settings, such as choosing a subtitle size and a certain font (this is convenient for people with poor eyesight who prefer larger subtitles, while in other cases you can make the font smaller so that it doesn't obscure the picture).

Advantages of the 123Movies platform

The advantages of such a site include the following:

  • Viewing movies and TV shows here will be completely free. This is the main competitive advantage of this service over other streaming platforms, where you have to buy a rather expensive subscription.
  • There are no advertisements here. You will not find advertising banners both on the site itself and in the player. You will not have to turn on a loud advertising video before watching a movie. In addition, the interface and design of the site are quite concise, which also makes the use of the platform as comfortable as possible.
  • A large selection of content for every taste. Depending on your mood and preferences, you can choose both an exciting adventure movie and a quiet melodrama. At the same time, the categories with movies are updated daily. On the main page you can find a block with new releases that have not yet been released in the theater (there are both movies and regular seasons of TV shows). Thanks to this, you will be able to make plans to watch long-awaited movies.
  • Developers offer not only the site itself, but also a quality application for Android owners. You can download such an application for your phone or TV. The main advantage of the application is a higher speed of video downloading and a variety of settings, downloading content is also available here. The link to download the app is available on the home page of the website.
  • A variety of customizations in the player itself. Here you can choose subtitles, slow down or speed up video playback to save your time or follow the story more closely. Voting is available on the platform, you can read other users' ratings.

123Movie is an ideal place for those who are used to watching movies in excellent quality every day and do not want to miss the next episode of their favorite TV show.


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