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Tips for completing the game Battlefield 4. Passing game #007


This guide includes a complete step-by-step guide for all single-player missions in Battlefield 4 and detailed tips to help you find all the hidden items in the game, such as tokens or weapons.
In this guide you will find:

Detailed passage of the campaign mode;
Tips regarding gameplay;
Locations of all hidden tags and weapons

Battlefield 4 is another release of the famous franchise, initiated by the Swedish studio EA DICE. This time we were given a dynamic single-player campaign where we take on the role of a Recker, a member of the American task force unit known as Tombstone. The player will have to face the People's Republic of China, because certain actions of Tombstone led to a global conflict.

General tips

Use shelters. Without hiding places, enemies can quickly deal with you, and you will have to start the mission from the last save point. It is worth noting that shelters made of concrete or stone can be destroyed, so it is equally important to move from shelter to shelter. You should also remember to deviate from your hiding place - then you expose yourself to minimal exposure, which will make you a more difficult target.

Use grenades, C4 or M320 when enemies are hiding behind shelters, when you can't use a rifle to kill them.

Collect the weapons dropped by your enemies when they die. They will add to your ammo crate. You don't need to keep them on you. It's enough if you take a weapon and can dispose of it.

Use weapons that match the distance. For example, if enemies are nearby, use an assault rifle or shotgun, but if you are at a safe distance from them, use sniper rifles.

Try to aim at the head. This will allow you to kill the enemy with one shot, and also give you extra points.

Use tactical vision. It will come in handy during almost every battle, because it marks every enemy on the battlefield, which makes it easier to eliminate them.

Conduct frequent instructions for your team. This makes it easier to kill enemies and gives you extra points.


In each mission you can get one of three badges: brown, silver and gold. Of course, the most prestigious ones are gold, and they also reward you with weapons that you can use both in campaign mode and in multiplayer. To get a gold badge, you need to score a certain number of points (the requirements are different for each mission). You get points for various actions that come down to killing the enemy. However, the important thing is how you kill the enemy: for a normal kill (say, shooting in the chest) you get only 100 points. But by shooting at the enemy's head, you get an additional 25 points. In case of multiple kills (killing multiple enemies at the same time), you get 100 points for each enemy and a bonus of 100 points. Golden Star Casino - Your Ticket to Unlimited Fun and Big Wins!


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