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Most Sentimental Movies on 123Movies

Watching an interesting movie with a touching or serious plot is one of the ways to evoke vivid emotions, empathize with the main characters, and experience a lot of impressions. Emotions are very important in our life, because often moral experiences teach us to be more empathic, to understand other people, to understand their situation. 123Movies presents a lot of touching movies, often with a serious and heavy plot - what you need to tickle your nerves.

Most Sentimental Movies on 123Movies

Features sentimental movies and TV shows on the platform

Here you will find melodramas with a sad plot, in which the heroes can not be together in any way, pass many tests, while in separate plots their feelings can fade away. Deaths, betrayals, breakups against the background of a changing world and large-scale events will make even a skeptic shed a tear. The most popular movie in this genre is the famous "Titanic".

Animal movies most often include stories about friendship and loyalty. What is worth only one famous "Hachiko", which made more than one generation cry.

Heavy movies are represented by social dramas, which reveal acute and controversial issues: inequality, poverty, inequality among women and men, family violence, violence against children. Watching such films is often very difficult because of the dark plot, in addition, some of them need to be analyzed, to think about the plot. Nevertheless, such movies are important because they reveal important topics for society, teach you to think about your own actions and the actions of others.

Separately, it is worth highlighting such a genre as soap opera. These are multi-part movies, fully devoted to interpersonal and romantic relationships. In such a genre there are also many touching moments, heroes fall in love, break up, die and suffer, rejoice, experience moments of happiness together.

Note that heavy and touching movies have age restrictions. Often in dramas and thrillers there are scenes of violence, explicit scenes, so they are not recommended to watch underage movie lovers. However, there are no age checks on the site, so everything is left to your discretion.

Advantages of 123Movies

Here are the main pros of using this online movie theater:

  • You can watch all the movies at home, in a comfortable and relaxed environment. This is a suitable option for those who do not want to waste their time going to movie theaters.
  • A large selection of sentimental movies and TV shows for every taste. You can choose melodramas or videos that deal with more serious issues, such as violence and oppression of the weak (this option is recommended only for people with a strong psyche).
  • The platform implies free use, there are no paid subscriptions here, which means that you will save not only time, but also money.
  • The site is regularly updated, there are new videos that can cause the strongest emotions. Please note that the site and the application work perfectly: if there are errors, they are timely eliminated by our developers.

123 Movies is the perfect platform for those who love sentimental movies with a touching plot, which can cause tears of emotion or feelings. All you need is to use filters to find the right movie or TV show, choose the optimal settings for comfortable viewing.


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