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Cartoons for Kids and Adults on 123Movies

Animation is a genre that is equally loved by both adults and children. No wonder: high-quality graphics, kind and understandable plot, a lot of funny moments raise your mood and help to distract from gray everyday life. At 123Movies there are many animated movies for every taste, which can be viewed in high quality and without any restrictions. Let's consider the main features and specifics of this genre.

Cartoons for Kids and Adults on 123Movies


Varieties and a large selection of animated movies

Do not think that cartoons are only for children. On the platform you will find animation for adults, for example, the cartoon show "The Simpsons", which is definitely not suitable for the youngest. This TV show reveals the themes of politics, gender inequality, national and other minorities, and the plots are richly peppered with piquant humor. For adults on the platform is presented and such a genre as anime, in which you can often find explicit scenes.

However, in most cases, animation is still suitable for young movie lovers. A common type - cartoons about fairy-tale characters (animated machines or robots). Series after series, the child will watch the adventures of the main characters, empathize with them, learn to distinguish between bad and good.

Cartoons about real or fairy tale animals - this is a kind and beautiful genre that will teach empathy for our lesser brothers, see the light and good moments, analyze the actions of the main characters. In some of these cartoons there are sad and touching moments, for example, in the classic cartoon "The Lion King".

Many cartoons for children perform a developing and educational function. They give various riddles and simple puzzles, with the help of certain exercises, the child will gradually expand his vocabulary. Now you do not need to think that your son or daughter aimlessly spend time in front of the TV, because sometimes it is useful.

The site presents not only individual cartoons, but also animated TV shows with a large number of series. Note: each series for children usually does not exceed half an hour. No wonder, because it can be difficult for children to concentrate their attention on a long and complex plot, to memorize numerous characters.

Also, many modern animations touch on the current agenda, which teaches children to be more tolerant and tolerant of those who are not like them: animals, sexual minorities, people of color. Cartoons reflect the diversity of our world, so your child will grow up a versatile and multifaceted personality. Some creators of cartoons and other animation pay special attention to the problem of school bullying: joint viewing of such videos will help to form a healthier atmosphere in the children's collective.

The main advantages of 123Movies

The advantages of this platform include the following:

  • Watching videos will be free for you, there are no limits. Now you can stop subscribing to other streaming services!
  • A large selection of quality animation for children and older users of the site. Here you will find both positive and more sentimental stories.
  • Animation can be watched in decent quality, you can also choose the quality of your choice.
  • Viewing is available both online and after downloading the video to your device. In the latter case, you can turn on the cartoon even without Internet access (for example, if you have a long road ahead of you, you can distract your child with an interesting video to be in peace and quiet).

To start watching at 123 movies, just choose an interesting cartoon by filters or keywords, adjust the desired quality, and then start getting acquainted with the story.


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