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Best Serial Killer Movies on 123Movies

Movies with a sinister plot are loved by many people, because they charge adrenaline, help to experience unique emotions - the laughter of fear and nervous tension. Among ordinary people are especially popular movies about serial killers and maniacs: many people consider them almost celebrities, want to know all the details of the biography, features and motives for committing crimes. Some will consider such a hobby controversial, but the fact remains that today directors often make such movies for the general public.

Best Serial Killer Movies on 123Movies

You can get acquainted with their work at 123Movies: the platform offers the best movies with a tense and mysterious plot, including the novelties that have been playing in theaters a few days ago.

Varieties of serial killer movies and TV shows

One of the most favorite genres is documentaries. Many people prefer them, because here "everything is real". Documentary does not contain fictional plots, here is a biography of serial killers, a description of the crimes, often with graphic details. Such a genre is suitable for fans of the direction of tru-kraim.

Thrillers about maniacs and serial killers are movies with an exciting plot and a dark atmosphere. They often have a pronounced detective line, the plot is based on the confrontation between the police and the criminal, on the investigation of serial murders.

For people with strong nerves on the platform there are horror movies, including content based on real events. It abounds with scenes of violence, torture and erotic scenes - this option is suitable only for adult users.

Films about serial killers most often end with a favorable ending: the criminal is caught, justice is done to him. However, directors also make movies about those killers who have not yet been found, this genre is suitable for fans of unsolved mysteries.

Some horror and thriller movies are closely intertwined with mysticism and fantasy, take this into account when choosing a particular video.

How to find the best movie about maniacs on 123Movies

This portal presents a variety of content, regularly published updates. For an effective and fast search, it is better to use filters. Select the country in which the movie was filmed (now such a genre is popular in almost all European countries, separately it is worth highlighting the famous Scandinavian detectives), specify the year.

Near each movie on a separate page is its rating, description in text format, age limit and trailer. If you're a visual person, we recommend watching the trailer first, so you'll know if it's worth getting to know the full version. If you prefer proven options, choose movies and TV shows with high ratings: this way you won't be disappointed.

Here are the main pros of the 123 Movies platform:

  1. Always free to watch content. There is no need to pay for a subscription, enter your bank card number, leave other personal data - your money will be completely safe.
  2. Free viewing does not affect your comfort in any way. By default, videos are presented in high quality, so it will be convenient to watch them not only on a smartphone or laptop, but also on a TV.
  3. Regular updates of your favorite thrillers and horror movies: as we have already said, today this genre is especially popular, so you will definitely not lack of ideas for watching.
  4. On the site you can download an application, in which the loading of videos will be faster. In the application, bugs are eliminated in a timely manner, the developers prepare updates for users.
  5. The site offers movies and TV shows without advertising, and you do not need to install special browser extensions for comfortable viewing.

123Movies will help you get acquainted with the sinister world of serial killers!


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