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123Movies: watching movies and socializing

The 123Movies platform is a convenient site for those who love movies, who want to watch movies and TV shows every day, who have something to say about what they have watched. When choosing movies, many people are guided not only by the text description and trailer. Some people value the opinion of those who have already familiarized themselves with the plot, evaluated the quality of shooting and special effects. That's why the platform has the ability to add comments and rate. Here you can study the comments of other people, leave your own and even enter into a polemic with users. Let's tell you how to do it.

123Movies: watching movies and socializing

Features of commenting and rating on 123Movies

To perform all these actions, you will need to register on the portal. Just specify a valid e-mail address and come up with a strong, preferably complex password. This is quite enough, you do not need to enter any other personal data. After sending your e-mail, you will receive a link to confirm your registration. Click on it to complete the procedure.

Do not hesitate to rate movies and TV shows that you have already watched, so you participate in the formation of video rating. A high rating is a kind of guarantor of quality, so more people will watch such movies. The ratings may well be negative, but remember that users share their subjective opinion, and your tastes may be completely different, and this is normal.

Have something to say about what you've watched? There is a comment button next to each video. By clicking on it and logging in with your login, you can share your impressions. Here are some recommendations for writing comments on movies:

  1. Try not to make the commentary too long. Most Internet users prefer information in a concise and concise form - a sheet of text simply will not read, for fans of long reviews there are sites with reviews.
  2. Make your commentary informative. If you write that the movie is good or disgusting, it will be uninformative. Respect other guests on the site. Write what you liked or disliked about the movie, whether there are touching moments in it, evaluate the quality of special effects.
  3. Be polite. On emotions you can write a lot of unpleasant things, but try to conduct the conversation in a correct form, do not use foul words (such comments will be deleted).
  4. The site is not allowed to incite political, national, religious or other discord. Respect the views and worldview of others, even if you do not agree with them, do not ridicule them.
  5. Avoid spoilers, i.e. revealing the plot - this is hardly the main "crime" among movie fans. Usually people want to keep the intrigue and see for themselves how the plot will turn.

Advantages of the site 123Movies with comments and rating of movies

The advantages of this portal include:

  • We offer a really large collection of content with various movies and TV shows (including classics and novelties). This is a real paradise for those who want to be aware of everything happening in the world of cinema (on the main page there are also announcements with movies that will be released in the near future).
  • You do not need to pay for using the portal. Everything is available for free, as there are no special subscriptions on the site.
  • You can communicate with other users - the site is just created to find like-minded people. In addition, numerous comments will help you understand whether it is worth watching this video or it is better to choose a more interesting option.
  • On the site you can download an application on your smartphone (almost all versions of Android are supported). Many users believe that the app is much more convenient to use - it all depends on your habits.

Visit 123 Movies and leave your comments on the movies!


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