I've got a hall pass this weekend with my wife and kids visiting the in-laws. I'm free from 9am-ish on Friday (after kids get dropped off at preschool), and would like to be back in Seattle Sunday evening at a reasonable hour. I've struck out on feelers with people I know, and am turning to climbing partner Tinder here.

I'm interested in something alpine 5.8-5.9ish or under (harder if you wanna lead harder). It doesn't have to be technical rock necessarily, either. I don't have fingers of steel at the moment but have decent mountain / approach fitness.

We'd be a good match if you're organized and experienced. I promise I don't suck and don't have any personality disorders.

I'm interested in Pickets, Buckner, Triumph, but open minded as well.

I'd prefer something not in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness just because it's unusual for me to get this much time and I'd like to take advantage of going a little farther away.


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