Big Wall Tips & Tricks with Mark Hudon

Friday, June 3rd, 2016 ..... 5:00PM - 9:00PM

Mazama Mountaineering Center
527 SE 43rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97215

This clinic was previously held with great attendance through the Mazamas Clinics & Special Presentations. It was a full house, packed with great information and very well received. Mark will be back from another season of winter & spring climbing fresh to tell tales and share tips about his latest sessions on the big stone climbing some serious El Cap routes in Yosemite.

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If you have already embarked on your path to big wall climbing, have a few or many ascents or are just about to open that door but have a good idea of the logistics involved then you might want to join big wall master Mark Hudon for an evening of big wall tribal knowledge.

Topics to be discussed and/or demonstrated include:

Advanced hauling and docking
Solo bag movement
Packing a haul bag
Nice to have extras and specialized tools
Unique/uncommon gear placements
Efficient leading and following
Fast belay setups
Communication or lack of
Preferred aiders and ascender setup
Big wall racking
Fast ascending/following
Portaledge setup
Faster transitions

About Mark Hudon
Mark Hudon first climbed El Capitan in 1974 when he was 18 years old. Over the next 6 years Mark would climb El Cap 8 more times by a number of different routes such as the Mescalito, Magic Mushroom, New Dawn and the Zodiac, not to mention nearly free ascents of the Salalthe Wall and The Nose. In 2009 Mark was bitten by the big wall bug again and lead The Nose route in a 15.5 hr push. The next spring he soloed Grape Race to Tribal Rite in 11 days and has done 15 routes since, including two more solos. With various partners Mark knocked out six El Cap routes last year including Tempest, A4+ and Genesis A4+

Mark was recently featured in Accidental Production's El Cap Bridge Web Series

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