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  1. Rainier Pardner 2018

    Well I have never been on any of those routes but would definitely be up for it if you dont find anyone else to go with. I have been up the standard rout a couple times and summits on many other cascade peaks.

    Well i thought i would start something a little different. With anyone who has spent any amount of time in the hills, whether its hiking, boarding, alpine climbing or rock climbing, has a good story or two to share about a "CLOSE CALL" they may have encountered at one point or another. Could have been with a wild animal or getting lost on the mountain. I thought it might be kind of interesting to share a story you may have and how you dealt with or overcame your obstacles and maybe we learn a little something along the way.
  3. Rainier Pardner 2018

    I have only been up the dc route, but I would love to try emmons or kautz as well. I heard Emmons is a lot of fun, and a great alternative to the weekend congestion on the standard route. Hey Nick, how many times you plan on getting out this year??? My schedule is easy to mold around climbing.
  4. Rainier Pardner 2018

    I am also planning a couple trips this coming year. i have been up Rainier a couple times and i am familiar with the standard route (dc) but open to Emmons as well. I have all the equipment, ( ropes, tent, cooking etc.) I would be interested in joining up for a 2 or even a 3 day climb.