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  1. Greetings Climbers: I am not sure if it's best to continue to post Madrone Wall related issues or not since it finally reopened to the public in October, but I'll post it here anyways for now... I am sure that some of you are not on Facebook, but I will share our page and most recent link in this post. A few reminders: The park will continue to remain open through January 31st from 7am to 4pm each day. Please pay the $5 parking fee or purchase a 6 month or annual pass if you plan to use other Clackamas County parks. Also, please do not get stuck behind the closed gate after 4pm. You will be fined and towed at your expense. Also, there are no official or established trails from the wall to the top of the cliffs. There are only two access trails from the parking lot to the wall. For those that are curious as to whether there are more hiking trails out there or not, the short answer is "NO." Please do not wander off the two main trails or try and access beyond the wall, as private property borders County land on above and to the sides of the cliff. There are plans to build more trails above the wall in 2018 in partnership with REI and some of our climbing gyms, so stay tuned. Please pay attention to the rules for park use that the County has established. Educate yourself before you go out there. Thank you! General Info for Clackamas County Parks: http://www.clackamas.us/parks/ Specific Madrone Wall Park Info: http://www.clackamas.us/parks/madronewall.html The entire park will close on February 1st for nesting peregrines. Keith, myself, our DFW Raptor Specialist, and anyone else with a basic level of experience is welcome to help us monitor the falcons. We can go into big online dialogue about the positives or negatives around falcon closures, but it is what it is, and we have to work with the County and nature on this one. The birds are going to do what they want, and that includes finding what they determine to be a safe and quiet place to (hopefully) raise their offspring. While they are no longer in danger of becoming extinct and have been de-listed at the federal and state level, seasonal closures continue to happen at many of our favorite crags: Beacon, Smith Rock, and now the Madrone is included in that. The falcons began showing up in 2010, but were never monitored formally until last Spring. These closures at many of our favorite climbing spots protects the birds, but closures also protect humans if they feel that their chicks are being threatened. They will attack you if you come too close to their nest. The wall length at the Madrone isn't very long (a little more than 1000 feet) and the distance of the closure on either side of the nest takes up most of the wall. Besides, one of the trails comes up underneath the historical nest, and the noise from human activity ( garbage/recycling pick up, vault toilet cleaning, lawnmowers, and car horns or other human activity) can scare young chicks, causing them to fall from the nest, or anger the parents. You are probably familiar with the closures at Smith for nesting raptors: Kiss of the Leepers, Picnic Lunch Wall, Monument Area, and even the rim camping sites at the Climbers Bivy. Yes, you get to miss out on some of your favorite climbs and projects for a few months, but that gives you opportunities to focus in on other routes and let wildlife do their thing in their own space. There has been a fabulous dialogue on our FB page from all sorts of different angles and perspectives. At least we are talking about it. And the more we are all educated on these issues, including sharing our crags with wildlife, many of us feel that only positives will result in the long run, especially in the eyes of the land managers. So, I am going to borrow the quote by one of the FB commenters who has been volunteering a ton of their personal time out at the Madrone: "Please respect the closure when it starts, and don't be the person that ruins access to the cliff for everyone else. Whether you agree with the closure or not, it will be closed, and the falcons will be monitored for patterns and habits. And if we can respect the closure and work with the county on it, hopefully we can get earlier opening dates. But that won't happen if people poach the cliff during the closures." Keith and I will be meeting with the County at the end of January to draft a Raptor Management Plan since the County does not have one. We will pull plans from other climbing areas, and we hope to incorporate a "2 weeks after fledging opening date" instead of a fixed opening date. We will be watching for key behaviors that would indicate whether there is an active eyrie or not, and this includes food being brought to the nest at any point between March and June. One parent will leave the nest while the other hunts. They will never leave their eggs or chicks alone for fear of another animal preying on them. If we can determine that there is not an active eyrie, we will (hopefully) include language in the plan that they County to re-open the park for recreation before the typical July 15 opening date if we can document that there is not a succcessful eyrie, or even if the falcons have re-located, which can happen, too. They may not move for good, but they can relocate for a year. Please message me here or on FB if you are interested in helping with the monitoring. Most recent FB post: https://www.facebook.com/madronewall/posts/1476030902509442?comment_id=1476079679171231 Here is a fabulous link from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukie about some peregrine falcons that they were able to monitor last year. Excellent photos of the male, female, and 4 chicks as they hatched, grew, and took flight. Also you get to understand some of the behavior of the peregrines. Dates are included as to when the photos were taken. Lots of photos & little reading! https://falcon-info.uwm.edu/ Thanks for reading & Happy 2018! Kellie Rice President, MWPC www.facebook.com/madronewall
  2. After 20 years of being closed to the public, the Madrone Wall in Clackamas County near the Carver Bridge Cliff will open this Saturday October 21st at 7:00 am Please read the information on Clackamas County's website about the rules: http://www.clackamas.us/parks/madronewall.html There will be a $40 citation for not paying the $5 parking fee, and if you get caught behind the gate after closing you will be towed at your expense. 6 month or annual park passes are also available for purchase at Metzler, Eagle Fern, Feyrer, and Barton Parks. You can also get these passes at their admin office at 150 Beavercreek Rd, or by calling 503-742-4414 Thanks for all of the support over the years, and please carpool to the Madrone! On site parking is limited to 20 regular spaces and 2 ADA spaces. Check out our FB page - www.facebook.com/madronewall Thanks again! Kellie
  3. Hello Everyone, Whether you are active on Facebook-land or not, I thought I would post another update here. Keith and I have been working with a Fish and Wildlife Raptor Specialist on monitoring the peregrine falcons out at the Madrone. We've been out there 5 times total since early March, and we have at least a few more visits planned in May. Some simple history: Keith and I heard them for the first time in the spring of 2010 while we were out there with some folks from the County. There is no data on whether the peregrines have ever had a successful eyrie (produced any offspring). As far as we know from County Parks observations, our observations, and two observations from the Audubon Society, the peregrines were not out there before 2009. The historical nesting site is an obvious site in the center of the wall and the area is seen from the parking lot. As of this weekend (April 22nd), we have not been able to observe any behavior that would indicate that the peregrines are incubating (sitting on eggs), or that one of the birds (most likely the male) is bringing food to the female where they are nesting. We have observed peregrines out there at each visit and at least one of the falcons has been observed in the area (flying, briefly in the nest (eyrie), and in a nearby tree). The site continues to remain closed to any kind of recreational access until this summer. The County is planning on a July opening date, but an exact date has not yet been determined. Keith and I are meeting with the County on May 10th to discuss the status of the peregrines, some finalized engineering plans, landscape issues, and other last minute needs. If you have any interest in helping Keith or I observe the peregrines (no experience necessary), and you have binoculars or a scope, please contact me here. Thank you for continuing to respect the closure. July isn't that far off, so hang on for a little longer. Kellie Rice President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee www.facebook.com/madronewall
  4. Hello Climbers and Madrone Supporters, Below is taken from our latest FB post: https://www.facebook.com/events/345154105852173/ Join us for the 3rd and possibly final weekend of trail building out at the Madrone. While we've made huge progress on two new trails, more work needs to be done on those, as well as improving the trail in sections along the base of the wall. We are working with the Trailkeepers of Oregon again, so please sign up through this link: http://www.trailkeepersoforegon.org/events/#Madrone 9am-3pm both Saturday and Sunday If you have significant experience in building trails please let me know here or via FB message. The more crew leaders we have, the more people we can have sign up. Many hands make light work, and we want to get as much done before the Feb 1st closure with peregrines. Also, there is a crew of climbers (Micah/Topher) who are installing new bolts and anchors out at the Madrone. Please donate to their cause for making sure that the hardware at our local crags is bomber! http://mazamas.org/about-us/donate-to-the-mazamas/ Thanks so much!! Kellie Rice President, MWPC
  5. Madrone Wall Trailbuilding Events #'s 1 & 2

    As a friendly reminder, please sign up at the Trailkeepers of Oregon link if you are planning to come out to any of the sessions. Pat and Elaine from the TKO are assisting us with this massive project, and it helps them with organization and putting volunteers with our trailbuilding leaders. http://www.trailkeepersoforegon.org/events/#Madrone Thanks! Kellie
  6. Madrone Wall Trailbuilding Events #'s 1 & 2

    Thanks, Bill! Looking forward to seeing you out there, too! We do have plenty of tools from different agencies, I think, but bring whatever Steve gave ya! Lyford knows best Kellie
  7. Calling all climbers! It's time to get our hands dirty once again! Join us for the first 3 weekends in November from 9am-3pm each Saturday and Sunday. Come for one day, or pitch in for more! Below are more of the details from our FB page, but we will be out there: -Sat/Sun Nov. 5th & 6th from 9am-3pm -Sat/Sun Nov. 12th & 13th from 9am-3pm -Sat/Sun Nov. 19th & 20th from 9am-3pm Please register for each event you plan to attend on the Trailkeepers of Oregon website: http://www.trailkeepersoforegon.org/events/#Madrone Thanks so much! Kellie Rice President, MWPC Our FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/336410606751038/ Parking will be on site in the newly constructed parking lot, along the road leading up, and there is also a small gravel space for several cars near 197th and HWY 224. The site is just about 2 miles east of Carver on HWY 224 and just west of 197th. What to wear: Boots ( no sneakers allowed!), long pants, long shirt, glasses (safety, sunglasses, prescription), work gloves. What to bring: rain gear, change of clothes for afterwards (optional), hard hats if you have your own. Lunch, snacks and water. What to expect: minimal hiking, steep and uneven slopes, rocky sections, and POISON OAK! It is out there and especially near the wall. What will be provided: tools, hard hats, & safety glasses. What you get for volunteering: Oodles of good karma and good juju! Thanks for sharing and promoting our event to help spread the word! Maybe the climbing gyms and outdoor shops want to have a fun comp to see how many volunteers they can rally to show up? See you there, and THANKS!!
  8. Kevin, I assume you can connect with Micah? Thanks!
  9. Hello Climbers, Keith and I met with some key folks yesterday evening around trail building, bolt/anchor replacement, and minimal landscape improvements around the new parking area. A couple of folks from the Trailkeepers of Oregon joined us and will be going out there in the next few weeks to flag a trail from the parking lot up to the wall. Keith and I are looking for some expert trail builders who could direct and support a small group of volunteers as they improve your designated section of trail. If you have ever been to a Smith Rock Spring Thing, we want to do something similar. We are looking at the first 3 weekends in November ( 5/6, 12/13 & 19/20) to build trails and do some planting. We want to get as much done as possible because of the nesting peregrines and the Feb 1st closure. (I personally love the birds, but I wish they would leave and find a new place to breed!) Our local ASCA rep (Micah) will be out there with his crew in the coming weeks to replace any unsafe/recalled hardware, too. Please send me a message, reply to this post, or go to our Madrone FB page if you would like to be a crew leader for a section of trail. Many thanks! Kellie Rice President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee
  10. Located just north of HWY 224 and east of Carver... The MWPC provided the Oregon National Guard-224 Engineers with a BBQ lunch yesterday as a THANK YOU for all of their hard work to begin the first phase of the construction plans. The Guard were able to improve the old roadway in from HWY 224 and create the base for the parking lot (former meadow). They also constructed the beginnings of an ADA trail, and dug the hole to support a vault toilet. It is hard to believe that this day has finally come after Clackamas County closed the Madrone Wall site 19 years ago. It has taken a ton of perseverance and thinking outside the box to get us here. You can thank Keith, Chris Carey, and Ian Caldwell, the founding members of the MWPC. I stepped in in 2004 as Ian already had moved to Central OR, where he continues to do amazing things for Smith Rock. While the turnover in the MWPC has been minimal, the staff and parks board member changes at the County have been constant, and it had been a bit of a challenge to continue to build new relationships at the County since 1999. But forward progress continues... Up next for the site improvements include: an electronic gate, vault toilet installation, management plans, info kiosk, and trail building! Lots and lots of trailbuilding! We will inform you all here of volunteer events, and probably under the Access Issues forum, as well as our FB page. The view where the road turns into the parking lot. The Guard along with some County staff, and Keith and myself The road in from HWY 224 A sign given to the Guard by the County that will be erected on site. Keith's head peers over the sign as he speaks to the Guard. While we are on our way, please keep in mind that the site is NOT OPEN to climbing, hiking, or any other kind of recreation. The Guard have kicked climbers out in the last 2 weeks, and other contractors will be there this fall to complete the work with and without County supervision. Please continue to respect the County's wishes, and do not access the site. We are anticipating a Summer 2017 opening. Thanks! Keith, Chris, and Kellie Madrone Wall Preservation Committee
  11. Hello Climbers! Just a reminder about the construction phase beginning next week. Thanks for respecting the closure. This post is from our FB page: The MWPC wanted to give all of our supporters a reminder and to please continue to respect the closure. For those that have respected the closure, you should know that you have truly been a part of why this preservation effort is closing in on success. Given the OR National Guard will be working at the site for much of August to build out the access road and parking area, the County's closure is even more important to respect. Please do not access this site until it is opened, which is tentatively July 1, 2017. Keith, Chris & Kellie, The MWPC. https://www.facebook.com/madronewall/
  12. Thanks for asking, Chad. Yes, there will be seasonal peregrine closures. We are in the process of drafting an MOU. We also have to draft management plans. I am sure that the first day of the closure will always happen ( Feb 1st - a guess?). But if there is not a successful eyrie come late May, climbing and hiking may resume before a July opening. I am not stating what will be for certain, but I am making guesses based on what is happening with other climbing areas, like the Monument at Smith. I will continue to post important updates here. Thanks for asking! Kellie
  13. Greetings Climbers, We're mostly posting on Facecrack these days, but here is an update: The County's goal grand opening Date is July 1, 2017 (Most likely because of nesting peregrines & giving them time to fledge.) 1) The Oregon National Guard (1249 from Salem) is on board to begin some of the construction work from Aug 5-20th (This Summer!). They will work 2 weeks straight to construct the road in from HWY 224. 2) The MWPC is working on a draft MOU with the County about what each of us is responsible for and will do to support the Madrone as a park. 3) Portland General Electric is cued up to install a light and connect electricity for an electric gate at the entrance from HWY 224. There are not any scheduled dates for trailbuilding parties yet, but there will definitely be some and most likely after the main construction is done. We're on our way folks! Stay tuned and like us on FB (Search Madrone Wall Preservation Committee) https://www.facebook.com/madronewall/ Kellie President, MWPC
  14. Here's another fun event to add to the list of things to do on St Patty's Day! The Oregon chapter of the American Alpine Club has invited Keith to do a presentation about what's happening with the positive forward progress on the Madrone Wall. You can view that Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1749209488641988/ The low down: March 17th Evolution Healthcare and Fitness 905 SE Ankeny St 8:15pm Short films, beer, & prizes, too Thanks for reading! Kellie President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee https://www.facebook.com/madronewall
  15. Madrone wall update

    Thanks, Bill, for posting the article! Keith definitely wins the perseverance award! This $88,590 grant from Clackamas County Tourism Development Commission will add to about approximately $70,000 in large anonymous donations, REI/AAC grants, and current funds in our piggybank from previous grants and donations should be enough to get started on construction in the late summer and fall of 2016. I am assuming that the Oregon National Guard 1249 Innovative Readiness Team will be doing the work. (See previous posts here in the Access Forum if you were not aware). That is what we've been hoping for anyways. Clackamas County have set an opening goal date of July 1, 2017, and probably to make sure that any successful eyries of peregrines have had a chance to fledge. I am thinking this is the main reason for the delay between construction being done by 12/2016 and opening 6 months later. Things that will be in the works and we may be calling upon climbers and other local experts to help develop management plans. We have accessed plans in recent years from Beacon Rock and Smith Rock. Thanks for all of the support over the years everyone! Kellie Rice President, Madrone Wall Preservation Committee savemadrone.org https://www.facebook.com/madronewall