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  1. Climbing tuesday

    Looks like Tuesday might be last nice day for the week. I"m looking to get out for the day on something multipitch omewhere for a day trip. Index, Darrington, maybe Snow creek wall. I lead up to 10a. Dan
  2. Index early tomorrow

    Hi Deeds. I have similar interests and experience. Schedule moderately flexible thru summer. Give me a shout. Dan (206.225.8264)
  3. Ski/climb tomorrow/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday

    You need to say more than "hit me up". Who are you, what is your experience, what do you want to climb.
  4. Index, Leavenworth, or Vantage Sunday April 16

    Hi dteph. I'd be up for going to index sunday. I'll send you a txt Dan
  5. Index Sunday Sept 25

    Text sent. dan
  6. Climb sun or monday?

    Looking to get out. Most likely on east side, probably Castle and/or Snow Creek depending on forecasts. I can lead up to 9s or 10a. Would like to start on shorter routes and then maybe move on to something longer...text me at 206-225-8264. dan
  7. I am looking for a partner for Snow Creek Wall or Castle Rock for Saturday 6/25. I have lots of trad experience and can lead 9's or 10a's I'd like to do something longer this weekend, such as Outer Space, Orbit or MJD with an early start(!) Send me a text if interested 206-225-8264. Dan
  8. Partner for this summer

    Hey Nin. I might be up for something on sunday (sorry for late notice). if interested, text me at 206-225-8264. If not tomorrow, maybe in next week or two... Dan
  9. Climb tomorrow/monday

    Hi. I'd be interested to get out somewhere on Monday. Index, Castle or 38. I can lead up to 9s and have gear and experience. Dont mind doing easier with a newby. too. best to text me if inteested: 206-225-8264. Dan
  10. Chris. I'd be interested to do some rock tomorrow/monday. text me if interested: 206-225-8264. Dan
  11. Climb Sunday

    Weather is nice, time to get out! I'm looking for a partner for Sunday. Probably Castle or Index as I have to be home rel early. I have a lot of experience and can lead up to 9's. I dont mind climbing with less experienced folks. Dan
  12. Darrington Partners (4/8-4/9)

    Hey Sean. I'd be interested to climb Sunda, but I can't do dreamer this weekend as gotta be home by 6. Maybe Index or Castle rock this week and dreamer another time? I've done it a few times and its a great route! dan
  13. I propose a group trip to Squamish over Labor Day. Maybe leave early/stay late or whatever to avoid border jam ups. I'd be interested to climb/lead any of the classics or non-classics between 5.7 and 10a and/or follow harder. Maybe we can get a couple of carfulls together for mix and match partners. Who's interested? Dan
  14. Seattle-ish rope time

    Hi Glen. I could get out Thursday. maybe index. Interested? Dan
  15. Hi. I'd like to get out on Friday. Forecasts are calling for cooler (BETTER!) weather for this Friday. I'd like to something on Snow Creek Wall or Darrington. I can lead up to 9's and have lots of climbing experience... Lets get out while the gettings good! Dan