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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.
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Skier goes climbing - wait...rock is fun!!

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I've been on skis since I could walk and grew up in ski school at Crystal Mountain. I'm also an avid cross country/eduro mountain biker, which actually was my gateway into proper backcountry travel (not counting all the side country trips at Crystal). I never saw myself getting into alpine or rock climbing because A) I had this notion that it was all walking and B) I thought I had a fear of heights. But a few years back I got into ski touring after being totally fed up with resort skiing and so began the journey.


FF to April of this year and I'm ready to learn basic climbing skills so I can go out with a guide and get some training in "ski mountaineering" (i.e., I want to ski down what I climb up and nothing more - no interest in rock climbing at this point). After my first lesson at Vertical World I could feel the change. After my second lesson I was excited about rock climbing and have been rapidly accelerating in it.


I've probably spent a dozen or more hours climbing at the gym and have done 3 climbs in the field: Vantage (top roping), Index (all rock, seconding), and The Tooth (alpine, seconding).


I've definitely been bitten by the rock climbing bug and will do more of that, but my real passion is for alpine climbs with a ski decent. I'm heading out for 3 days later this month 1:1 with a guide to do just that and learn as much as I possibly can from him about climbing in snow and ice, crevasse rescue, mult-day trips, etc. From there I'll be looking to join up with you guys and start slaying objectives!! :wazup:


You can find my on TAY under the same username (johndonee).


Huge thanks and mad props to another member of this community who has been immensely generous and taken me on a number of trips this season and imparted a MASSIVE amount of knowledge on me. I definitely would not be nearly this this far along today if it weren't for him.

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