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Was up there over the long weekend at the end of July. Road conditions are good apart from one section of alder jungle. One of our group managed to get a Toyota Matrix to the trailhead without too many problems.


The climbers trail is a mess, probably due to the heavy snow winter. Tons of deadfall everywhere and plenty of trees leaning over that haven't sprung back up. On the way in, we tried to stay reasonably high. Coming out, we took the lower route. Neither seemed any less unpleasant or easier than the other. We did find quite a bit of flagging but joining the dots wasn't easy due to the mess.


We didn't attempt the NW ridge due to poor weather but did grovel up the E ridge (normal descent route) in an intermittent snow storm. There was a ton of snow near the top of the mountain and it looked like the top section of the NW ridge ran into a large snow head-wall with suitably sagging cornice. Given that there has been 10 days of hot weather since, most of that snow has probably gone by now.


Oh, and take several gallons of Deet, the mossies were the worst I have seen.

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