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Jefferson - JPG route conditions?


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Anyone been up? I checked with the Detroit Ranger office and they said 2243 was open to TH at least. Anyone have a conditions report on the route itself? how's the 'schrund this year? How much snow coverage on the ridge and pinnacle? etc...



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Attempted JPG May 9 - 10. Conditions were fantastic then, at least up to the saddle before the ridge portion of the route. Called it off due to unsufficient time (bad weather early on).


Anyway, we were stopped by snow about a half mile shy of the trailhead then - I'm sure it's all gone now. Found the 'schrund to be in so-so condition considering time of year. We easily passed it at far left beneath Mohler Tooth over a partially collapsed, but frozen bridge. Steep snow at far right also seemed like it'd go if it came to that. I'd expect to be forced onto rock by now. From what we could see, the ridge was well plastered with rime - same goes for the summit pinnacle (no rock showing).


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