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Indoor Ice Climbing

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Thanks for the positive comments on the previous post. This site looks great and is a great resource.

I wanted to let you all know what we at Cascade Crags (2820 Rucker Ave., Everett. 425-258-3431) are up to. We just completed our indoor ice wall. It is a work in progress and we are just getting started. Right now we have a section of high density foam 4 feet wide and 30 feet tall with a bulge about 2/3rds up. It is top rope only. We are installing holes which will take a Black Diamond ice screw so you can lead on a top rope. The foam mimics ice technique pretty well in that if you overswing you will have trouble getting the tool out.

We are charging for the use of the ice wall. The foam will need to be replaced so we have several options. You can pay $5 per visit in addtion to the day rate (weekday $12 + $5= $17, weekend $14 + $5= $19). This allows you full use of our climbing gym ( over 10,000 sq. ft. of walls) and weight room. We also have an annual ice pass: $50 for non-members, $30 for members. We also have month passes ($50 individual, $70 family).

We have tools which have been detuned and have all other sharp things covered. You are welcome to use your own tools but you will need to file all the teeth off the first few inches of the pick. We only allow glacier style, horizontal front point crampons. These are also included. We have a set of Grivel 2F's which will fit up to a size 12 plastic boot or you can bring your own. You don't have to have a plastic boot. Any good mountaineering boot will work.

We also have a set of Rambo tools with the indoor picks that we use on a dry tool route on our overhanging lead wall. It's a real good pump!

We have more plans to expand the ice wall. The funds we recieve will be used to replace the foam as it wears out and to keep adding more sections since we do have room to expand. We want to put more roofs and features in for mixed routes. It will help us all stay in shape for when we get the "BIG FREEZE".

Come on up and check it out!


Mike Palmer


Cascade Crags

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Thanks for the post Mike. Thanks most of all for taking the time and effort to build such a thing. I've always dreamed of seeing something like this, just never thought it could be built. I don't live near Everett (I'm way down in Portland), but it's almost work a drive all the way up there just to check it out.

I put your address in the Climbing Gym board here, and will also relay this information on other boards I visit.

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