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Mt. Stuart climbs FROM Core Zone? (Edit: Or Colchuck!)


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Edit: Did a little more research, and while it's AWESOME that I get to stay in any of the zones, I'm thinking that Core Zone and Stuart climb in this one trip might be a bit ambitious. I'll schedule a Stuart climb, likely from the south, at another time...

So, advice on getting to Colchuck Peak from the Core Zone? Is up and over Dragontail realistic, as it appears from a quick glance at the terrain? Thanks in advance, really appreciate the advice so far!


Original post below:


Yes, I searched the forums, and yes I googled it, but thought I'd ask here as well...

Does anyone know if there is a route from the Core Zone of the Enchantments to get onto one of the easy routes on Stuart? I think I was looking at coming in from Colchuck Lake and up the Colchuck Glacier area, but I scored Core Zone permits, and would love to not go up and down Asgard to get there. 

This is for September, so not too much snow, but possible glacier considerations? 

I am not looking for hard climbing, I'm looking to get to the top. 'Cause, yea...

Thanks in advance! 

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You could follow the ridge from colchuck to stuart, but that is pretty intense undertaking...otherwise you will have to drop from the core to ingalls trail or to mountineers creek somehow from the core.  i would enjoy your core permit and see that area, then come back some other time for stuart.  If you are totally set on stuart, i would take your core permit off your hands :)

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