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Weekday early morning VW partners wanted


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Looking for morning Seattle Vertical World climbing partners, preferably on the lead wall. I love to climb before work when the gym isn’t crowded, but my friends all hate mornings! I'm somewhat flexible but usually aim for about 630-830 am before I head to lab. Would love to make it a regular thing (once a week, etc) but wouldn't turn down occasional partners either!

Also I am always looking for more partners for weekend outdoor climbing- im still fairly new and can climb 5.10s on lead and 5.11s following. Don’t know how to lead trad yet. 


Bri Traxinger

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Hiya, I'm David, a long-time Washington climber...  I go the gym often enough on my own and sometimes find friends there, but mornings would be a great addition.  I've climbed all over the world and have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing...  I've done a bit of guiding and have written a few guidebooks....  gimme a shout!  :)



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Hey Bri, also longtime WA climber here. I am looking for a VW mornings regular partner as well, however I tend to be in the mountains a lot this time of year, so can't definitively commit to the same day every week haha. If it's raining I'll be down for a gym sesh once or twice a week. hmu if interested!

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