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  1. Denali 2022

    Here's a link about my unguided experience from last year. I think it's got a lot of good advice on food, gear, expectations, stories, the route, and a bunch of other stuff. It should be an easier read than some of the books. https://noahlangphotography.com/blog/2021/6/19/tips-for-climbing-denalis-west-buttress
  2. Denali 2020 Looking for partners

    Hey I found a group of 4 best of luck!
  3. Denali 2020 Looking for partners

    "DoStuff" sorry I live in Hawaii, and am trying to do snowshoes preferably.
  4. Denali 2020 Looking for partners

    Hey very interested as well and would like to make a decision sooner than later to start saving. Denali would be a lot of new experiences for me, but my experiences include Mt. Whitney with heavy snow pack, summiting Kilimanjaro, and doing Fuji in 2 hours flat. I know it's not a race but just trying to say I move quick and can carry my own weight and altitude has never been an issue for me. Would love to find people who are serious about doing it hopefully late May in 2020.