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  1. I hope he is trolling, i quit reading after the bottom of page 1, even with all the proper gear, I had my panties in a bunch the first time up Hood on the final ascent.


    Although who knows, I watched the video of the guy on Rainier with just a small pack in shorts, attempting a summit..until the rangers got hold of him.

  2. I generally use Google Shopping to price out an item, if REI happens to have the item with the best price, good for them.


    I try not to buy anything like boots or pants online, and wait until I can get to the REI store in Spokane for items that need to be fitted as far as I know its the closest gear store to Grand Coulee.. heh. ;(

  3. You can't get to the road or trailhead if you can't get down Icicle road though. Or is there another route I don't know about.


    Yeah but its open to 8 Mile CG year round.


    Ah, alright, so regardless they don't care, been going up there for years, but wasn't sure if the park service would get antsy if you were up there to late or early in the season. I just remember seeing the sign for snowmobiles.

  4. UPDATED April 19, 2013


    Icicle Road

    7600 Open to Chatter Creek, then closed due to mud and snow. Road will continue open further up, in stages.


    Spring is here, but be prepared for seasonal road closures lasting well into April /May on many roads... even longer in the higher elevations. We try to open up forest roads in stages, (as the snow melts and roads dry out some), whenever possible. Please stay off wet roads will mud, as it will cause significant damage to the road bed, and also increases the chances of getting stranded.



    I plan on camping out at Colchuck in a couple weeks, then hopefully a Dragontail summit the next day.

  5. Looking into double plastics for a mountaineering boot, currently use Lowa GTX Leathers, and saw that Alpine Ascents has used (Category 2) Boots for sale($99) A pair seems low, was wondering if anyone has ever purchased used boots from them and what type of condition I should expect them to be in.

  6. I've done Single Day Climbs a few times, I normally leave Grand Coulee at 6am, get to the Trailhead 3 hrs later, start on the trail, get to Colchuck Lake, around to Aasgard/Dragontail, Summit and back down, then drive home the same day.


    Ill be heading there in a few weeks, but will be camping over night on Sunday.

  7. I need to find some concrete directions to North Gardner from my side (Grand Coulee Area). Seems every time I find a set they are outdated for whatever reason.


    Various printed and online sources have incorrectly described (sometimes significantly) the driving directions, driving distances, and road names required to reach Wolf Creek Trail #527, the trail that leads to the standard approaches for Gardner Mountain. To compound things further, even the USFS website has outdated access information posted on its online Wolf Creek Trail page.


    Here are the exact driving directions:


    1) Head south through Winthrop along Highway 20.

    2) Shortly after crossing a small bridge, turn right onto Twin Lakes Road.

    3) After 1.3 miles, turn right onto Wolf Creek Road.

    4) After 2.8 miles on Wolf Creek Road, turn left onto Left Fork Wolf Creek Road.

    5) After 3.8 miles, the road forks. Veer left at the fork, continuing another 0.6 miles to the Wolf Creek Trailhead and large parking area.


    Up to date?

  8. I would offer on the Rainier climb in August/September but don't have much experience on higher elevations 9,000+, I plan on a Adams climb either in June or July and was aiming for a Rainier climb with a Ranger in August(DC or Emmons)but that may not pan out (posted on the newbie forum). If a team can be put together, I would not mind getting on, if someone wouldn't mind helping a amateur climber further their training.


    Would even be willing to reimburse for costs of gas, etc;.

  9. I live in Grand Coulee and plan on hitting Adams with or without a friend this year, I normally do shorter peaks, Dragontail/Stuart/Gardner, but was planning on ramping it up this year in the hope for a first time Rainier summit, decided against a guide service after reading alot of reviews, had a buddy from High School years ago who is a Ranger offer to take me up and further my training, but that may not pan out now, so will have to decide what to do before Summer hits.

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