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  1. Anyone out there willing to take a new guy on? I've done climbing off and on, but due to large gaps in climbing periods, I haven't developed all the necessary skills. I'm in a good shape and a fast learner. Looking for someone in the Skagit County/Whidbey Island area. Outdoor climbing is preferred, but just a belay partner at the gym is good too. Just looking for someone to split some costs with and learn a thing or two from.



  2. Hey there. I'm looking for the following items used, abused, and/or cheap. I'm gearing up to climb baker if that helps.


    1. Ice axe (60cm-ish)

    2.Crampons (to fit la sportiva trangos size 44)

    3. 2-3 locking carabiners and 3-4 regular, belay device (atc), rescue pulley

    4. gaiters

    5.trekking poles

    6. sleeping bad synthetic rated to 0-15 degrees( Mountain Hardware Lamina?)

    7. helmet



    1. Hardshell (Men's medium)

    2. Soft shell (R1 or similar)-medium)

    3.Rain jacket and pants

    4.soft shell pants (guide pants or similar.)

    5. good gloves?

    6. light puffy


    I'm about 5'11'' and 160 lbs if that helps for sizing. Just looking for really cheap gear for an upcoming trip. Please help me out if you can. I am willing to compensate in for paypal fees. Just got in a pretty nasty car wreck, so I would prefer to have things shipped if possible. Thanks!




  3. I am taking a mountaineering course coming up in May and ends with climbing Mt. Baker in the beginning of June. I am new to the high altitude summit world and am trying to find the best way to outfit myself for the journey. I'm trying to get a good amount of gear used or on sale, but I will fork over some money for good gear. Can anyone give my some guidance on what to bring/what type gear to have. Any advice on the following items would be great:


    --Boots and gaiters (type, brand etc)

    --Warm synthetic/down jacket and pants

    --Day pack/overnight pack

    --Sleeping bag (degree?) and sleeping pad


    --belay/rappel device

    --Rescue Pulley

    --ice ax


    --And anyother advice for clothing and layering


    If anyone has any gear, I would be happy to take it off your hands for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hey there. I'm looking for a gear at a reasonable price. I'm looking for:

    1)a good lightweight backcountry sleeping bag (preferably down)

    2) climbing harness

    3) tent for backpacking (not bulky camping ones)

    4)Packs. Good pack for backpacking/climbing

    6)various clmbing/camping gear (ropes, carabiners,stove, etc.)


    Let me know if anyone has anything to sell! Just moved to Washington and had sold all my gear before I got here. Looking to restock so I can explore the beauty of the Northwest.