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  1. If you want a good point-and-shoot, I’d get:

    Canon S105


    Canon G1x: note, this has a near-DSLR-sized image sensor and image quality, but it’s quite bulky for a point-and-shoot


    If you want a “tough” point-and-shoot, I’d get this:


    Why? Much better and faster lens than your average “tough” point-and-shoot (which have horrid optics). Just note that you are definitely sacrificing image quality on the altar of toughness. (read: a non-rugged point-and-shoot in the same price range, like the ones listed above, will give you much better image quality)


    If you want something in-between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR, I really like this:




    Awesome build quality: it’s weather-sealed (not that same thing as waterproof, but good enough to protect against splashes/snow/drizzle), you can set it in the snow and not have to worry

    Awesome image stabilization: works with any lens as it’s built into the camera body

    Great lens selection: I’d highly recommend getting some fast primes for it, like the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.

    Built-in viewfinder: this is a must for me, I hate composing using the screen on the back of the camera, a lot of people could care less about this though.

    Size: it’s small, much smaller than you probably think.


    The Sony NEX series are also good (particularly the NEX-7) but the lenses are quite large and they need a more diverse lens selection (not enough fast primes, which are what I like to shoot with) I'm also not a fan of the interface and the lack of external buttons (the NEX-7 is an exception to this)


    I personally shoot with a bigazz DSLR but I don’t care about the extra clunk/weight, it’s worth it to me and I’m used to sherpa'ing it around by now :)

  2. I was pretty surprised that they were able to use a decent amount of my photos/videos for the special. (my video skills are "lacking" to put it nicely) I was also pleased with how well put-together it was, I would not have wanted to be the editor in charge of compressing the history and stories of climbing Mt Hood into 30 minutes of time.


    My only complaint is that I was a little sad when it was over, I wish it were longer.

  3. I'm considering it. It will probably be the last weekend where this route is comfortably doable.


    It doesn't look like there are any more Mazama Hood climbs this season. But, there could be some that were rescheduled o this weekend after being cancelled.


    I'd like to climb something this weekend, not sure what yet. Waiting for someone to talk me into something.

  4. Was up there Sunday (7/9)


    Traverses were in good shape, solid snow in early day, softer later.


    Bowling alley is pretty icy with a small section of water ice near the top. Good enough to take screws in numerous parts.


    Here are some shots:

    View near camp at 8,000 ft




    Beginning of bowling alley


    Bowling Alley


    Bowling Alley


    Bowling Alley: rime ice near the top of the pitch


    summit block in the background


    going home