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  1. Hi Everyone: I am planning to introduce a couple of friends to mountaineering by visiting Mt. Hood in June. My goal was to spend 3 days on the south side of the mountain. On day one, we would climb to camp above the Palmer Lift or near Illumination Rock. After establishing camp, I will teach them about moving in crampons and ice axe and rope use (preferably on some steeper terrain). On Day two, I want to teach them about mountain safety, i.e., self arrest, anchor building, crevasse rescue and self extraction from a crevasse. On day three, we will make a summit attempt and descend. My specific questions: (1) are any decent crevasses present in the upper Palmer Glacier/ Illumination Rock are near which we can practice the crevasse skills (trip is in mid-June)? (2) are any steep slopes available nearby to practice self arrest (from photos it looks like either side of the Hogsback might do (crazy?), but I've never seen what's at the bottom)? (3) Is camping possible near Illumination Rock in June? (4) How long are the Pearly Gates and Old Chute couloirs? Photos make these appear to be around 150 feet in length or so. I'm trying to gauge rope management in these sections. Thanks for your input.
  2. trip planning for summer Mt. Hood climb

    Thanks for all of the input thusfar...very helpful. Will keep all in mind as I plan. We will be there during the week, so I would expect that the crowds will be reduced somewhat. That was actually my first consideration when planning this. I will probabaly come out a few days earlier and attempt the Sunshine route (carryover to normal route) with a friend of mine based in WA. Will do some reconaissance during that trip too. I'll be sure to bring my knickers and alpenstock.