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  1. We are planning our stove strategy for Rainier, probably Emmons. I've seen trip reports mention getting meltwater for drinking - is that something I can count on in the last week of July, or do I need to be prepared to melt snow for all our water once we get to high camp? We are planning on spending at least 3 days on the mountain, so meltwater would be a huge deal - if reliable.

  2. I think you have that backwards:


    Steel can undergo an infinite number of cylces at low stress without ever weakening or failing. Aluminum cannot - even at very low forces, it will fail if you stress it enough times.


    The "fatigue limit" is that value for steel where if you stay under the limit, the lifetime is essentially infinite. For aluminum, there is no fatigue limit. That's a bad thing, and why aluminum springs don't work.

  3. Unfortunately, that's the nature of the beast. The Mutant is an ultra-light minimalist pack with no frame, and comfort and capacity are the cost of such light weight.


    It sounds like you really wanted a Variant 37 - a few more features, some aluminum in the frame to keep it stiff, and of course a few more ounces of weight. I have a Variant 52 and it borders on perfection.


    By the way, the side pockets are not for storage - they are for holding the bottom of pickets and wands which are held in place by the compression straps.