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  1. haven't climbed in france yet but actually got inspired to start climbing during my vacation at the calanques...

    my climbing friends in europe told me some of the greatest places are

    - orpierre (has also more moderate climbing),

    - buoux (don't knwo about the grades there, just know that there'S a akind of amphitheater that allows to climb in the shade/sun allday long)

    - and the gorge du tarne (which is probably just interesting when you're climbing 5.11s and up)

    - and of course the alpine classic is the gorge du verdon (offers all kinds of mulipitch climbing)

    unfortunately that'S just what i know from theory and not from my own experience (i just climbed in spain and italy (and germany+austria) so far)

  2. I'm planning to climb next week from Monday through Thursday.

    It will just be pure sport climbing, bolt clipping


    Now I'm wondering what place will be the better one - I mean just what concerns temperatures and rain heaviness.


    Will Smith be too hot once the thunderstorms are hopefully gone?

    Is Squamish the better alternative just weatherwise?

    (I know Squamish is supposed to be a trad climber's heaven)


    am thankful for your recommendations

  3. Thanks. I just looked it up and this seems to be a really nice place to stay. What do you mean by tough to get in that late?

    As I understand the sites are reserved by the first-come first-serve principle and online-reservation is just possible form June 17th on.

  4. I moved here some months ago.

    Now I'm planning to spend the Memorial Weekend in the Olympic Nationalpark with my non-climbing husband, so mainly hiking as high as possible, in the rainforest and on the beaches.

    Now I'm looking for a good campground to put up our tent.

    Does anybody of you guys know or can recommend a good and nicely-situated campground?




  5. Over in Germany all the climbers that I know either wash in the bath tub or wash in a frontloader (we have almost no toploaders over there) but without adding any soap.


  6. Hi,


    am still quite new to the area and want to know if Index will by already dry on Sunday?? especially the very few easier sport routes (5.10s).

    I know that the walls are exposed south but it has been raining quite a bit during the last days.


    So would be great to get your estimation!


    by the way - am still looking for people that can climb during the week, sport (5.10 - 5.11a, following also 5.11b/c) and trad (5.8) and as much as possible on the real rock not the plastic one ;)




  7. Hi Mike!


    I'm also looking for a climbing partner. I'm form Munich, Germany and have been also climbing for 7 years now. Climbing up to 5.11a/b.

    I just moved here end of december and am just getting settled.

    As I don't have a work permit yet I can climb during the daytime.

    So far I've been only bouldering at stonegardens.


    So if you'd like to climb just send me an email!