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  1. Yeah I have heard of people doing alot of things for someone who got them high but having them arrested for felony assualt has never been one of them.

  2. I dont know the guy that did it personally but from what I heard from my friends at work the dude who made the brownies probably did a good job.

  3. Yeah from what I heard he was quite a way through the shift before he knew what what going on. But he definately was all fucked up before everything was said and done.

  4. Some idiot on another shift then mine at UPS here in Spokane was fired and charged with 2nd degree assualt for bringing a pot brownie to work and giving it to his supervisor. The guy had never been stoned in his life and had to be taken to the hospital :sick:

  5. "Unimaginable Ferocity" they are really trying to sell this huh? There was nothing special about that storm except for the fact that people stayed up on the mountain too late in the day and got caught out in it. It was sad what happend that night but the media doesn;t need to sensationalize it anymore, Krakauer did enough of that already.

  6. Yeah what about the Human rights stories are those all made up? What about china's death row inmate black market organ trade? How bout the filters on the Chinese search engines? are those just to keep all the "western media distortions" away from their people. I mean you wouldnt want you citizens to know how bad your government is would you???

  7. If china is such a great understanding nation then why did they turn everest BC into an army base for their summit push. Also why were snipers posted on the south side with orders to kill any anti chinese protesters, why were climbers' dispatches censored? And i know the south side is in Nepal but dont think for a second it wasnt all orchestrated by china.

  8. Mountain Gear does kick ass Ive bought about 2/3 of my climbing gear either in their store or online, also great because I live in spokane and if they don't have something in store they can ship it there the next day for free for instore pick up.

  9. I would say by the first week of June there shouldn't be too much avalanche risk on St. Helens, but with the amount of snow there has been this winter you never know. Also climbing roped would not be required just depends on your preferance for extra safety/ ease of travel.Others may have had different experiences but I don't know of too many bear problems around the mountain. Enjoy your climb.