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  1. Any news on the road to White River camp ground being open this weekend? MRNP site says the 24th. Called the park and a kind lady said it wouldn't be, although the response didn't inspire confidence because she seemed to keep thinking I was asking about the campground and also stated Chinook pass may open despite newspaper articles stating the opposite.


    Is Mike Gauthier out there?

  2. Has anybody used these: http://www.rei.com/REI-Outlet/product/770050


    I have been considering some gear whorage to get a lighter weight ice tool for easy alpine routes (NR Baker, Liberty Ridge, Etc). I already have quarks and x-monsters as well as a couple mountaineering axes. Also looking at something like the venom, although the quick change pinky rest on the Camp is intriguing. Havent decided yet to get one or two lighter tools. Also can't decide if it would be a good idea to get on in 57cm.


    Go with the 57cm. The extra reach is nice.

  3. Lemme guess: You work on her staff or for her campaign? The "mom in tennis shoes" is, by all accounts, a mental lightweight. I'm no lover of Democrats, but at least Maria Cantwell actually works hard to represent her state in Washington D.C. I'm not sure exactly what the vacuous Ms. Murray does.


    Really? Gonna go with the intellect argument here? You realize Stephen Hawking isn't the president right?

  4. It really is irritating that these guys don't get any shit for the same type of stunts that climbers get shit for. I want an equal distribution of shit, dammit.


    You can find an equal distribution on the interwebs. Something to do with two girls and one cup.

  5. 11th Commandement:


    Hey Moses: Thou shalt suck me.


    Hey you mindless, ignorant, moron. Ask these guys what they think of your comment above!





    Better yet, ask me:





    Oh snaps! Nazi reference. This argument is over. If you dislike Moses you love Hitler.

  6. I got my engineering degree in 11 quarters. Took a couple accounting classes along the way to meet girls.


    Whoa accounting classes for chicks? Did your school not have communications as a major? Or are you into chicks that are "talented" and have "good personalities"?

  7. Another question I have is:


    How WELL did you guys ski this route. Was it slipping down the whole way, or were you slicing new asshole with every turn?


    There's no point in riding a line unless you make it LOOK good.


    They did it in fine style.


    Although apparently my memory is faulty on the line they took. Curious AllYouCanEat why did you take the line you did, rather than the green one in the other photo? Did you guys climb the route? I can't remember if I saw climbers tracks or not on the way up.

  8. But traveling with people that think EVERYTHING they have is a fucking "carry-on," this inconveniences and endangers everyone else on the plane. :fahq:


    If you are flying overseas (esp. to/from Australasia & Europe) don't fucking try the dumbass american massive carryon. They'll inspect it and make you check it one way or another and then you are fucked.


    Learn to travel light. It doesn't take many $25-$100 overweight bag fees for things to add up.


    Learn to budget for the total trip. How much will the flight cost? Your luggage? Transport?


    The last airline I flew with, air new zealand, had a weight limit for carry-on as well as the checked baggage. Pacific Blue and the others that fly to Australia have a similar policy.


    On the way home I'm planning on wearing my boots and a couple of extra layers. Will make for an uncomfortable flight but I figure it's probably worth it.


    Carry your boots over your shoulder. Counts as a "personal" item (i.e.like a purse) on most airlines so you can still have a regular carry on.

  9. I raised three sons and, reflecting on the past, suggest the following:


    1) Don't put work ahead of your kids, 2) Be there for them, 3) Listen when they talk.


    Seems like such a short time ago they were running down the hallway in pajamas on Saturday morning. Now they are grown and doing their own thing. Like the old saying, raising kids is the most difficult job you will do with no training.


    Shawn Kemp disagrees.