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  1. Hello Folks,


    Thought I may post this in hopes of finding a mentor. Let me start off by saying I have never climbed a mountain, never really had the chance. Probably because I live in Louisiana, but thats another story. I am not new to climbing all togethor, and climb sport and trad-sport pretty solid up to 5.11. In other words, I am not a lasy fatass you would have to haul up the mountain. Now, I am 18 and this climb would be sometime after May 7, graduation.


    I know the best way to do this would be to go through a guiding service, but I really want to do what I can to find one experienced person, who I can follow, and who can show me cramponing, axe use, running belays, self-arrest, glacier travel, and self rescue. Yes, I really know must of the systems already from reading Freedom of the hills, and reading all togethor. If someone would be my mentor or you know of a good candidate, then I would gladly pay for their time, and or pay gas, or whatever.I won't ask someone to do this for free.


    Add: I would have all my own gear down to the sunscreen.




    My email is Kane_schutzman@hotmail.com, or pm for my number.