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  1. If anyone wants to climb Baker Thursday and Friday then let me know. This is short notice but I ll be checking pm all the time, leave a number and I ll call you. Its easier for me to just call. We could also try it in 24 hours, if youd like.If we do it in Two days, then the plan could be to just leave around 9 from Meadow, then climb as far up as we can go till dark, short summit in the morning, and come down that day. I ll be waiting to hear back! Otherwise I will probably solo again, and I dont wanna make that a habit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey man, I just love to climb, no matter the grade. Would you be up for a 5.9 route? I ll have to look at a guide book and see what the routes you mentioned are like. There is a 5.9 on one of the spires,( I forget) that is a hike up from the Blue lake trail. Other wise, maybe the beckey route is fine, I have never been on it personally, or been too it.

  3. If got 24 mammut slings, and 10 wild county. Its my observation that the mammuts hold up much better. Not sure why, but they definately fussed less. I know this doesnt address your question very well!

  4. Rob, the exact thing has happened to my pack. Basically all the padding is now in the front, and not on your shoulders. Its impossible now to get a comfortable fit and I cant get the padding to adjust to the right possition. So I was going to get pictures of it and send them to cilogear, hopefully they will do something about it, and I believe they will. I tool the stay out as well and find it more comfortable. No problems with the fabric here.

  5. Looking for climbers that are available during the week, since those are my promising days off. Let me know, I would be up for Rainier forsure, and really any other cascade peaks. Possibly ride up to squamish for 4-5 days, we can split gas.

  6. Ok, so if you have not been on this route, then you should go. The rock on the face is top quality as far as Mazama goes. The crux is a slab 5.11 but its protected with too many bolts. Actually, just about all of the route is well protected, except for one at the begging of a 10 where you walk 30 feet out to the first bolt. Only one "move the belay" which beats the hell out of what I have seen from topos of other routes. Easy Approach, pm if you have questions.