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  1. Definately pretty awsome. We rapped with one 70m, and if I remember right, it looked as though it could be done with a 60. Where is the problem with this? I did not know and was going to go up again, and was going to bring a 60. Look for the grey streak coming down the wall. I think the route starts to the right of this....right up to the huge ramp above.

  2. No problem,


    Conditions, well actually now that I think about it the air was definately moist alot of the time, not dry like it usually is. It did mist for a bit, and we did not use the vapor barrior provided. That thing prolly would have helped. 2 People cooped in that thing makes for alot of exhaust. I really did like the tent though bro. It was so easy to setup.

  3. Hey man,


    I stayed on Mt. Baker for 6 days in a Nemo Tenshi. This was in may and it was fairly cold and it snowed about 6 inches or so. I have not stayed in many tents under those conditions but I ll tell you what I experienced. During setup the first thing I noticed was that there were tons and tons of places to use as tiedowns. I think it was two on each side, and then 3 for the Front canopy. The front thing just zips on which is really nice. On the inside there are alot of good vents. Top rear front, pretty much everywhere, way more then my bibler. The tent also packed small and it comes in a very cool sack.that it just rolls up into. Size, definately small although I stayed in it with another person for 6 days, we did nt kill each other. The fabric is very thin and I felt like I was going to bust through it when leaning againtsed the side. Super quick to setup, just like bibler but seemed easier to get the polls in and out. I do think that we had alot of condinsation. Maybe it was just from us, but I recall a good bit of it on the 3rd night and after. If you have any other questions let me know. Over all I really like it and the tent does stand out..

  4. Looks like I will be able to get out these days. I am up for anything. Once again let me know, I have down the West Face and Northwest corner up at washington pass a couple of times,if anyone wants to do those, I know the route and don't mind doing it again. Pm me. Thanks

  5. Two weeks before that, I had a guy at Muir approach me at midnight and ask if he could join my rope team or have me cut off 10' of my rope for $12. He had on trail runners. Wtf!? Where do these people come from.


    What was he planning to do with 10' of rope????? Wtf!? is right!


    hang himself?



  6. Hmm, right on man, I wanna solo Rainier so badly, I did the easton route solo in July and it was great, never felt lie that. Do rangers have a age requirement for soloing? Dont think they would be so happy to give me (18) a go for it. I was thinking if I were to do all the other volcanoes first, then apply for the permit I would have higher chances to get it. Guy, check out the Easton on Baker, its straight forward, however I did not pass anyone up or down from the summitt, it was slim, and this was right after july 4. So the DC route is closed now you say? Its not really closed or is it just not really climbable? I wanna try it in early november.