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  1. didn't even think about those.. I personally love em, but use it mostly for mountaineering, so didn't even think about it for this...

    all top rope, shouldn't be a problem!


  2. I am taking a group of friends climbing next weekend. There are 3 of us with experience, teaching 7 how to climb. Knots, belay, anchors etc... Trying to get them into the sport!

    I have 4 harnesses, and am looking for at least 2-3 more. I can pay, just not new prices. If you have some you no longer need, please let me know what and how much.

    sizes medium to large.




  3. my pms are not working. I get an email saying i have one, but there is nothing there when i check..

    so if you can either email me at dwellcome at comcast dot net, or post live on the sale page i would appreciate it.




  4. I am looking for a Canon 40 or 50d. In good shape, preferably with lens and or Battery Grip.


    I have:

    Good condition Canon XSI

    Mountaineering boots, size 10, like new

    Ice tools (bulldogs) Brand New

    Black Diamond Crampons, good condition full auto, with bag

    Black Diamond Ice screws (3) like new

    Camp Harness, lightweight for ski mountaineering. New unused, wot.

    2 kids full body harnesses

    Locking belay biner, and belay device.


    Will trade partial or all of above depending on camera, accessories, and condition. May be able to add some cash depending on what you have!


    Email me with offers, pms work, but I don't check them as often as email. and pictures.


    Thank you.


    dwellcome at comcast dut net

  5. haha! part of the over all package to sweeten the deal. having serious health issues. just now got out of the hospital with heart trouble. going get more into photography, just can't climb anymore!


    how are the skis? they working good for ya?