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  1. Hood snow?

    Whining and complaining post warning...Oregon fall blues is hitting hard... Couldn't go to Smith this weekend...too wet...can't go to the mountain yet...too warm... I must need to get a life beyond climbing and Anybody know if ANY of the crap that's dumping on us down here in the valleys is actually snow at any point up on the mountain? I swear I am going to be swimming home today. Knowing that it was snow SOMEwhere up high would make it a little bit easier to take. Somehow I doubt it though. i mean - i love Oregon and all...really, i do...but JEEZ it takes a while to adjust to our lovely weather every time we swing into the Fall season. Too wet to rock climb, too warm for snow...kills me... ok - enough bi***ing. back to work...and praying for sun or a coldsnap.
  2. Hood snow?

    sweet - that's something. I hadn't heard that it would be dropping down this week...good news. It's painful to get so much H20 and no snow. have fun this weekend.
  3. Jefferson conditions?

    Anybody know what condition the traverse is in right now? thanks.
  4. Mt. Hood South Side Conditions

    Looking for conditions report from anyone that's been up the Hogsback in the last couple days (or anyone familiar with Hood after conditions like this week's). With the wet weather over the past few days I'm wondering what to expect...mushy nasty cascade concrete? ice? solid? also curious how far the schrund has spread to by now - I have a first timer that's looking to go along so don't want to push our/his luck. thanks much.
  5. North /Middle Sister Route Condish

    thanks much - planning on going light and (hopefully) fast.
  6. North /Middle Sister Route Condish

    What's a typical there and back time for Middle Sister from Pole Creek via Hayden and North Ridge?
  7. Mt. Hood, Sunshine Route - current conditions?

    Relatively new snow/alpine climber so take this with a grain of salt... Did Sunshine on 6/10-6/11. There was still one gate closed but I didn't think it was 6 miles from where we parked - i thought it was past the Inspiration Point gate but I don't know the road well...anyway, it probly took us around 1.5hrs to get to Cloud Cap from where we parked (stumping along the gravel road in plastic boots - ). I hadn't done the route before so I don't know when/if the lower crevasses on Eliot typically start to open up but there was nothing significant up to our camp at ~8,400 (4-5 hrs from start). Route conditions were fine the next day despite our late start the next morning (5:30 leaving camp) - although it meant running into some very sloppy snow for about 500 feet of the climb to the ridge - also, our crossing on the upper bergschrund felt pretty unstable - but there were still several options for winding around through the area. It would have been wise to break camp and get moving by 4:00 in my opinion. With temps forecast for this weekend I'd get moving as early as you can possibly drag yourself out of your bag though... my two cents...good luck on the climb - it's a fun one. p.s. if you have any specific questions on the route I'm more than happy to give you what beta i can - although anything I have is probly given in more detail in Oregon High...
  8. I'm new on this board so apol's if this is posted in the wrong area. I'm looking at either of the two options for this weekend if conditions permit. I have climbed Mt Washington several times and am just looking for snow conditions if anyone has them. I have not climbed Middle Sister - so I do not know which approach to use or how far it is in if some roads are still closed. If anyone has a condition report, access recommendations, how long the approach is if roads closed, etc...it would be much appreciated. thanks all - safe climbing!
  9. Middle Sister or Mt. Washington

    thanks much - although i've done washington in the summer several times i've been looking for ways to avoid the crowds. if there's still a bit of coverage up there that should keep most people away. i'll look up the NFS for the Pole Creek TH/road conditions - never been back there. it's up to my partners where we go really - but mt washington seems more entertaining right now... thanks again
  10. Middle Sister or Mt. Washington

    doh - i'm a dumba**. I just saw the 6/11/06 TR. Unless someone has been up and seen anything significantly different than what was already mentioned I'll go with what 'dan_forester' already covered. also saw the Middle Sister report but am mainly looking for recommendations for approach/route since I haven't been...thanks again