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  1. I read the Rope up thread and saw much excitement for the event but no real answers. When is it?? I'm trying to schedule my GREs for some time in late Sept early Oct and was just wondering if we got a date nailed down, because I don't want to have a schedule conflict.

  2. Snow Creek wall in Leavenworth. We stashed our stuff up on a high stump so that the mountain goats couldn't get it. 3 pitches up Outer Space we looked down and they were all trying to get our pack. Never got it though. Humans: 1 Goats:0

  3. I cross the border at the peace arch a lot and half the time someone in the car doesn't have a passport. Sometimes they give us stern looks coming back into the US but they have never just not let us through. Bring everything you have- drivers license, birth certificate (not a photocopy), and voter's registration card. You should be just fine.




    It seems like most things done to support a global population of this proportion has some sort of detrimental impact. We very well could be fucked.


    This should be in the "State the obvious" thread. Here, we are talking about lessening our impact.


    You sure about that?


    Think I'll grab a nice, juicy burger! Yum!

  5. What about grass?


    C'mon, cows don't eat grass anymore, they eat grain and other animal parts.




    "Cows are still allowed to eat feeds that can include parts of pigs, fish, chicken, horses, even cats or dogs. And some of those animals -- before being rendered and mixed up for cattle feed -- are raised on food containing the same cow parts now banned from cattle consumption.


    And cattle can continue to consume pig and horse blood for protein, as well as tallow, a hard fat from rendered cattle parts, as a fattening source."

  6. The closest decent climbing is at Mt. Erie. ~40 minute drive


    Yeah,the Larabee boat launch wall is ok... super runout and sandy. Good views though and pretty area.


    I know a guy that was banned from that reastaraunt in North Bend for going around and eating table scraps and finishing drinks from peoples' tables when they left. What's the name of that place...?


    Hopefully that wasn't my boyfriend...

  8. Fellas if you're wanting to pick up a girl, DON'T use a cheesey pick up line. Just start making friendly conversation with her. That is the best way for her to find out about you and know if you're funny, smart, fun to talk to, etc.


    Also, there's a sweet 5.9 fingercrack on SEWS SW Rib, above and right of your third dot from the ground, just to the left of some roofs. Dumps you out onto the 5.6 slab. Very fun.



    Actually it's more like 10.a to 10.b. It is a sweet fingercrack though! Even more fun when you're carrying the group pack!



    Here's a picture of it! The flake below me to the left is pitch 2.


  10. Honestly, I would not look for 5.8 sport climbs. The really good climbs are cracks. You might want to check out the smoke bluffs. It's the most popular spot and my first trad lead was Laughing Crack which is a great first lead! It's a 5.7. Good luck and have fun!


    P.S. You might be tempted to drive up to Cheakamus Canyon for the sport climbs... but at your range they are not very good. Plus there are vicious black flies there right now. From personal experience, i would not recommend it. Was up there last weekend.

  11. Went climbing up on Squamish on Sunday and realized that my boyfriend had driven off with the Squamish guide book. I'm too cheap to buy my own so i decided to print off any topos i could find online, because i was determined to climb in Squamish. Found some topos for Cheakamus canyon. Routes sounded fun so we went.


    The black flies were SWARMING there. I got 15 bites in aboout 15 minutes. I had never heard of black flies before so i did not know they were biting me until i noticed blood running down my legs. We left after climbing one crappy route. Today I have very itchy swollen bumps on my legs. :tdown: Crack climbed the rest of the day in Murrin Park. Didn't see any black flies there.


    Some of my bites:




  12. Looking for a climbing partner for this Tuesday (7/10). I live in Bellingham, so I'd be up for squamish or Erie. Don't have a car, but can help pay for gas! I can follow up to 10.b cleanly, and usually follow up to 11a without too much trouble. I have some trad gear, feel comfortable leading up to 5.8 trad and 10.a sport and just really want to get out! :)

  13. -Singing classical stuff- opera, arias, etc. I am a soprano :)

    -learning anything related to the health, muscles, exercise, human body

    -cooking gormet food

    -running 5Ks, playing water polo