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  1. Hey all,


    I'm taking my dad and brother on a 3 day 2 night backpacking trip this summer and I'm not sure where to go. Here's what I'm looking for


    -no longer than 8 miles per day

    -not much elevation gain (my dad has bad knees)- we'd prefer to start high

    -good views

    -alpine meadows


    I'd like to show them some pretty alpine lakes, but that is not mandatory. Any information/pics would be great! Thanks!

  2. Super Jock and Jill is the best! When I was running competitively it was the only place I'd go. They'll evaluate your running style like the other places. Plus, they even let you run around the block in each pair of shoes (which i liked because it felt more natural than testing shoes on a treadmill- because I never used those). One time i bought a pair too big, but it took me a month to realize it/get back over there and they took them back no questions asked even though the shoes looked really worn.

  3. My La Sportiva Mythos shoes are in desperate need of repair. I want to go with Rock and Resole, but am not sure which sole to order (this is my first time doing this). I basically want them to have the same kind of sole as when they were new. These are my choices:


    4mm La Sportiva XS Grip

    5mm La Sportiva XS Grip

    4 mm Five Ten C4

    5.5 mm Five Ten C4

    Onyx thin

    4mm XSV

    5 mm XSV

    Mixed (Explain in comment section)


    Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks. :)

  4. Rad, actually those are the only gross pics i have. :)


    Yeah, Cheakamus is about 15-20 miles north of Squamish.


    I agree with Dan, if you go to Erie, try to go with someone who has been there before, otherwise you'll find yourself lost on many different little "trails"...

  5. You are allowed to caucus for one party and vote in the primary of another. Your pledge is not legally binding in any way. The two parties just "hope" that you will stick with them.


    Don't trust me, here's the newspaper article with interviews from the two state party officials.




    But hey, you all seem to like arguing back and forth about simple issues that could easily be straightened out with a few inquiries for the facts, so by all means don't let the revelation of these facts stop you.

  6. i have not yet summited tiger mountain


    I am currently training for it. I've been practicing knots at home and reading issues of Accidents in North American Mountaineering from the past 10 years. I also bought a lot of expensive gear. I hope a mentor can help me fullfil my lifelong dream and summit this mountain soon.


    You sound like a perfect candidate for the Mountaineers!