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  1. The thing that's always baffled me is that many conservatives don't want condoms to be handed out at school or birth control to be readily available to teens, but then these same people hate abortions. Kids are going to have sex whether abstinence is taught or not. I've always thought that the people who hate abortions would be the ones most eager to provide birth control so fewer unwanted pregnancies happen, but that doesn't seem to be the case...

  2. Post more pics if you have them! I'm missing the WA foliage!! Colorado has boring leaves. The aspens are kind of cool- but mostly just yellow. The other trees have leaves that turn yellow or just brown and fall off. :(


    Someone told me that the leaves turn depending on the humidity of the region... I'm not sure if that's true but humidity affects the wavelength of the light getting through to the leaves and the leaves have different chlorophyll depending on what light wavelengths they use . Again- just something i heard.

  3. A friend and I are going to be heading to Las Vegas February 8-12 for a conference and climbing. We are poor grad school students and would like to camp in someone's yard or sleep on a couch (if you are cool with that) instead of staying at a hotel. PM me if you'd like to learn more about me (I am pretty normal and easy going) or think you could help us out! Thanks!



  4. For all those chalk haters out there, this is for you:




    Coating (chalk vs no chalk), dampness (water vs no water) and rock (sandstone, granite and slate) were manipulated. The results showed that chalk decreased the coefficient of friction.


    The counter-intuitive effect of chalk appears to be caused by two independent factors. Magnesium carbonate dries the skin, decreasing its compliance and hence reducing the coefficient of friction. Secondly, magnesium carbonate creates a slippery granular layer.


    We conclude that, to improve the coefficient of friction in rock climbing, an effort should be made to remove all particles of chalk; alternative methods for drying the fingers are preferable.



    I am not arguing yay or nay for chalk (there are past threads for that if you want it), but I just thought it was interesting.

  5. So i just moved to Denver, and I have gone out climbing a couple of times to some local crags. It's nice to have climbing 20 mins away, but PEOPLE BOLT CRACKS HERE AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY!!!!! I think Washitonian route setters are smarter than the route setters here in CO. Sorry, i just wanted to complain a little...

  6. If it is a chronic problem most likely you have scar tissue in your tendon and just resting it won't heal your elbow completely. Sometimes tendinitis means you have a muscle imbalance. One muscle may be weaker therefore the tendon is taking on some of the stress that the muscle is supposed to take on so it's getting worked unusually hard and the body responds by trying to reinforce the site by providing extra support (scar tissue). Anyway, to properly assess your situation I recommend seeing a physical therapist. Usually PT comes before cortisone shots, surgery, etc. They can use massage to work some of the scar tissue out. They can also tell you if there is muscle imbalance and work on strengthening the muscle(s) so this doesn't happen again. Hope that helped a little!