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  1. Two Western Mountaineering sleeping bags for sale. Ultralite and Versalite. The Ultralite is a 20 degree bag and the Versalite is a 10 degree bag. Both bags are 6’. Both have been gently used, and are in near new condition. Always thoroughly aired out and stored in large storage bag. No damage whatsoever to either. Asking $400 for Versalite and $350 for Ultralite. Will send pics of interested. Prefer local pickup in Seattle area. Or can ship with PayPal.  PM if interested, or email: snoqualmiepassskimo at gmail dot com.

    Descriptions below:




  2. Softshell pants for sale, brand new, tags still on, if you wear a 30-33 waist with 32-34 inseam these will fit great.


    Outdoor Research Men's Tremor Pant, size: Med: - Awesome soft shell pant, windstopper, thigh vents, built in gaiters - $150


    Outdoor Research Men's Furio Pant: SOLD


    If interested call Brandon 425-213-9493

  3. Man, that graph is pretty scientific. I think that the focus of my response was to point out the fact that a individual chose to put up less than quality routes on less than quality rock, then further chossed the situation by lack of experience. I believe that route setting is a skill that takes time to develop, and it is frustrating as a non route setter yet experienced climber to climb routes that I believe are unsafe. Safety was the reason for this thread starting in the first place, and although climbing is dangerous, I believe that route setters have a moral responsibility to set routes safely. Sure I can chose to not climb these routes (which I don't climb any Bruce routes), but, other people that are new to climbing that don't have the experience to read rock, assess bad bolt placements, or know route setters experience do climb these routes unfortunately.

  4. I'm talking specifically about Bruce, and yes, Bruce is a relatively new climber with little experience at setting routes. There is a reason that development hasn't taken place at Neverland prior to Bruce showing up, no one else wanted to put up routes on that choss. Not trying to pick fights just some common sense honest observations.

  5. I am blessed with the fact that I live on one of our local mountain passes, and have recently tried alpine touring (rentals) to take advantage of some fresh snow and less crowds. Am thinking of getting a set up and would like some advise. I plan on 50/50 skiing, and am not real big into agro backcountry, more into enjoying the whole picture, and enjoying functioning knees for years to come. So far I am thinking K2 Shuksans, Dynafit TLT Vertical ST's, and Garmont Mega Rides. If any of you have any of these products and would care to give input/advise it would be appreciated.

  6. Does BD have more than one type of attachment system? The reason I ask is I have been renting randonee gear and have noticed that the two sets of BD skins I have rented had two different types of attachments for the tail. I liked the rubber strap camming attachment better. What is your guys opinion on which BD skin to get the glidelites, or ascension, and which attachment is best?

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