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  1. Gettin' the winter itch are ya Oly..?


    And I quote Gapertimmy from OR-: " go shred the gnar brah! it should be super sickay! 7 inchez of freshiez "................


    Now tell me that doesn't make ya wanna ski.


    I have a friend that might be selling his Shuksans 05, 181s... I'd buy them, but my garage looks like A.Mcleans.........I'll ask him about a price.

  2. Just wondering if there was a SAR up on the hill yesterday..Saturday...


    My landlords called me up after they saw something on the news about some girl being "rescued" up on the mt after "missing" for a while..and so a SAR team found her...


    That's all I got out of the damn thing from them, go figure, it was happy hour on their clock, but I did take it seriously despite their buzz.

    Just got worried, because there are a couple of bad ass girls who climb solo up on rainier, and just worried cause shit just has a way of happening...ya know?


    Anyway.....Any input will make me feel ok about "her".


  3. The lords of hoar-frost loathe me my friend, and the gods of terra firma and I aren't friends.


    Thanks for the offer, but I believe I am going to pay tribute to the six pilsner lords which reside in my ice box this weekend then..........Savvy?

  4. What do you mean by "hiking Rainier"? It's a pretty big mountain. Are you climbing to the summit, hiking to Camp Muir, doing the Wonderland Trail, or just wandering aimlessly on glaciers unroped and alone?


    LOLLOL........I can just picture his eyes turning red through his sunglasses when he said this.