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  1. Hey BB...Thanks for Pm'ing me regarding your plans, and sorry I didn't make it.

    Would have been nice to make some new friends in OR.


    Next time your planning to head up, let me know.

    ..........My gear is already packed.

  2. I just made it up to my bathroom every 10 minutes 'cause I was pounding away the brew....That's the honest truth man...lol


    Sorta depressing weather here, just ordered a pair of Ti Dynafits to cheer myself up, they should be here tomorrow, mount em' on some Sahale planks asap, perhaps that will make me smile then.

  3. Hey Crackers, you set a couple of good points in stone, and I back ya up on them...


    ...except for one.


    A person of smaller stature needs less energy than one of your proportions.


    Giving consideration to that; less snow melting = less fuel, and less water at hand.



    The rest is just personal math guys.

  4. ...I'm a paramedic, an ER RN, former flight paramedic and SAR Team member. ...


    Thanks for letting us know.


    lol.....Damn, I've been a medic for 12 years, can tube in 3 seconds, start lines in a moving vehicle (back roads), and have delivered 27 babies, and spent 17 days at Ground Zero getting payed overtime..........and still haven't said shit about it 'til now.


    I'm outta here, getting a beer.