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  1. Thank you again for your exciting dispatches!.....


    .......It just makes me feel like moving to Canada to become a guide there.


    However........I like my job at the nursing home.


    ...............Just seems like more of a challenge getting a few elderly folks up and out of a chair than up a hill.


    Same thing isn't it?

    I do have to belay some!




  2. Anyone know of a site which can give me accurate declination...So I can setup my compass correctly?


    Im a stickler when it comes to detail and accuracy, and have had a bitch of a time finding a consistent declination for different areas here in WA.


    Im just not happy when I get 17.3 from one site, and 17.9 on another.......you and I know thats bs in a way.


    Anyway.......Just wondering if someone can help me on that.





  3. Ditto on that one.

    The M2 is great, I used it for a while, and felt it was comfortable to wear.

    Yeah I have 2 new Pieps that I just added to my quiver....but the M2 is my 1st choice.


    When I was at work finding "victims" in 30 seconds, there were guys with "better", more "longer range" beacons, and couldn't find anything within minutes if it wasn't for the avi mutts.


    It's just like the GPS generation......some can't read a compass for their lives.



    Hey PLINKO.....Get out of my moms bed will ya.