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  1. Used a couple of seasons and in decent shape.

    Floor is still good, as is fly.

    A small patch repair near the door, and one on the fly is all it has in terms of blemishes.

    Used mostly for car camping, and has held up in REALLY BAD rain storms with not one drop of water in the bloody thing which speaks for its integrity.

    No stains, or smells, or color fading, I take care of my gear well.


    I will throw in some tent deadman snow anchors and some stakes for different ground texture.


    I hope to have it picked up near Olympia WA, or whatever works for you.


    $200.00 if picked up.

    $225.00 if shipped.


  2. Denali Ascents or Evo's, as long as I can attach the extender tails for hiking with heavy loads.

    New, or used, or even more used, doesnt matter as long as they work fine.

    PM if ya got anything, and am willing to meet up or travel near the Olympia area if possible.


    Thanks! wave.gif

  3. Like the rest said, Metal is the way to go since I broke a plastic one digging out a snow cave once.

    I now carry a Black Diamond Bobcat shovel (without the extender), and a BD Carbon Fiber wand for searching out my partners when they slip off an unheeded cornice or something.

    I like the CarFib probe because obviously, its light, but if you have ever probed a body or a buried soft tree limb with a metal one, its hard to tell, the CF gives you a better "Feel" of what "It" is, but thats my point of view as a former patroler.

  4. See if you can rent some AT boots, and get to "feel" the difference in them as opposed to alpine boots.

    I like my Denali Xt's, and that is because I did my homework, and tried a few different boots, and in essence, this boots fit ME the just right, and were good for me on long approaches, and tours.


    Thats all I can say for now.

    You are doing the right thing by asking questions here, I just wish I had all the answers, but you'll find something soon.



    Thats all i can

  5. I might have a friend that has a copy, but if he doesnt, then I'll find out for you, unless you get to you local ski patrol 1st, cause thats the place to get it from since they use it as a step down from the emt cert.


    BTW, OEC is a walk in the park, trust me, so dont sweat it.

  6. As stated above,

    MT Hardware Ethederal Pants:



    Small- 27-31

    Gortex Gtx.

    Used Once.

    Crampon Patches.

    Super Light.

    Grey with Black accents.

    And side Zips for venting.

    Rear "Hatch" Zipper for the last minute nerves.





    $225.00---If Picked up Near Olympia


    Made for Ice Climbers, and higher angle Alpine Climbers that need flexibility to bring their game up another level with a pant that allows you to do what you want.


    Thats it, PM.

  7. I have a set of 2003 Scratch BC's with the woman profile graphics (176's), and mounted on them are Frischii Freerides (Medium) which have been used about 20 days the most since I bought them and are in great to new shape.


    Great powder, and crud ski, light as hell, nice flex, and come with standard BD skins.


    I love these skiis alot and have done some great off piste skiing with them, and know their worth for the shape that they are in.


    $725.00, and they are yours.

    $700.00 if you pick them up near Olympia.