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  1. After talking to some more folks about this issue, I learned a little bit about how Donato did this research. After the fire, they re-planted a site, waited, then salvaged the fire damaged timber. Then came to the conclusion that salvage operations were detrimental to the seedlings resulting in high mortality compared to sites that were left alone.


    I think one issue to point out in particular to the Biscuit fire, is that salvage operations didnt take place until a couple years after the fire. Im not saying I agree with all salvage operations, but its difficult to come to the broad conclusions that Donato did under these circumstances.

  2. Also very common with sheep. If western false hellebore is ingested (especially) during the 14th day of gestation, a deformity in the lamb known as monkey-faced lamb occurs, which looks much like the picture of the goat. Also, the brain is extremely under developed and is generally the size of a marble. Cattle are slighty susceptible as well, but only if no other green forage is available.

  3. I remember seeing some Army Corps reports of the possible post-hurricane events back in 1981. Nothing like preventive maintenance. Destroying the coastal wetlands that act as a buffer, and global warming (maybe) contributed to the +4 degree increase in Gulf that allowed a Category 1 to strengthen to a Category 5 in 72 hours. Global warming models have predicted such increases in storm strength. Sobering for low lying areas.


    Interesting about the global warming idea. But has anyone given much thought to the Gulf Hypoxia (The Dead Zone) Ag nitrate runoffs have definately had an affect on gulf temperatures. This gulf hypoxia is occuring in cycles as well, but for reasons not completly known. Have they linked hurricane severity to any of this?

    Just thoughts cantfocus.gif

  4. I am in the market right now for a Powershot S2 IS, and have been shopping quite a bit. Do any of you know of particular store's or online sales that offer better deals on price? I realize that this camera was just released and the price is pretty set...a sale would be nice though!

  5. I have not actually been on Diamond Peak but i have been all over the Yoran Lake/Peak area, and around Lakeview Mtn. Very nice area, bring skeeter dope though! Yoran Peak is kind of a choss heap, make your best judgment as far as that goes, and Lakeview mtn can easily be hiked from the south end, hike up to the ridge, and follow it north to the summit. The north side of Lakeview is the steap side. There are not too many trails going into Lakeview mtn, mostly game trails that maybe a couple of hikers or hunters have used. Bring a map and compass and you'll be fine. Enjoy the trip! wave.gif

  6. Thanks for that info Winter, to bad the river is fully appropriated. I have a couple of questions for ya. Is the research that the NRCS did about the snowmaking available? online perhaps? Do you know who funded their research? I would be interested in taking a look at that.

    Also I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on why you think the project is not a CE? How much land is actually physically being disturbed? Are you basing that on just the amount of water being used and the amount of artificial snow cover, or are you taking about the construciton of the system seperatly? I didnt think that the snow cover would be an enviro impact, maybe the installation of the system....just curious, CE's can get very shady and differ between industries.

    Thanks for the input, looking forward to more info, keep us posted as well if you hear of any more happenins. wave.gif

  7. I think the defense that we need more money going to our forests is bunk. They are just forests, they don't need money, they don't need to be managed....


    Forests dont need to be managed???? Just leave it alone so you can enjoy it right??



    If it were to be something truely wild (which it is becoming less and less of) and that is what I value in the wilderness it doesn't need any resouces or money or staff or management. Its trees, rocks, water, sun, fire, animals, life and death.


    are you serious??? thumbs_down.gif

  8. You dont get it...I dont care if Riley gets what he wants or not, I dont care about Meadows, or any golf courses. The problem is, is that no industry that uses any portion of any natural resource can expand without getting roadblocked by environmentalists. What Im saying is, the way for people to address this issue is not via NEPA, but to lobby for in-stream rights. However, applying for instream rights will not affect the Orchardists, as the orchardists have older appropriation dates on the water rights. Thus, during low water years, the orchardists have the rights to the water first. Now I have not researched if this particular river is fully appropriated or not...so this whole conversation is worthless anyways... cantfocus.gif

  9. "We engaged them, we collaborated with them," Riley said. "The Friends of Mt. Hood will say anything or do anything just to stop any project that we want to do."


    Is this not the truth?? Everytime someone wants to better their business, someone will always be there to bitch and moan about something.


    The Friends of Mt Hood and CRAG are up in arms because this has been listed as a categorical exclusion. But it does qualify as an exclusion folks. That is how the laws are written. Sounds to me like some people need to read up on natural resource policy. This is not a major federal action, it affects only 5 acres of land. Thus it is not deemed a 'major federal action' the project is not subject to the scrutiny that the National Environmental Policy Act imposes. Riley has gone above what the rules say and has opened the subject up to the public and taken notes of those comments and adjusted his record of decisions.


    I too am all for water quality and protection of salmon and habitat. But trying to force an Environmental Analysis on the project is not the way to go about this. If you are truly concered about the amount of water in the East Fork of the Hood River, then someone should be lobbying for increased in-stream water rights for that river.


    Just my two cents.