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  1. I have a set up twice in my garage Black Diamond Cliff Cabana with the Simple rain fly and Zion Haul bag. All brand new minus me hanging it from my rafters twice and drinking a beer in it. $850 takes it all. I don't foresee big walling in my future and am moving east. I don't get on CC all the time so call me at 253 212 5573 or email at tylersevery@gmail.com

  2. Hey there, I want to add on to this. I am a local and am planning Sunset Ridge June 2,3,4. Do you have any insight on this climb? It looks stellar and despite a long approach seems like a good pick. Have been up Rainier several times and know all to well about our weather... I am more concerned about the snow we are getting now and how much warming we will have by early June.

  3. All great suggestions. Bring lightweight crampons or you are setting yourself up for an injury. They will make your trip far more memorable! well actually a rescue and hospital stay wouldn't be forgotten too soon either :)

    Welcome and enjoy your time here.


  4. We were up a few weeks ago, yes you have water very near the base so you can fill up before starting then you are dry until you hit Slesse creek at the bottom of the descent trail. We took 4 liters each and avoided the sun as best we could and ran out that night. Not too bad, used some Knob Creek Whiskey and blueberries as nourishment. The walk out was tedious but you are out of the sun and the views are nice. Despite all the yapping about it, I would try the crossover, you'll be back to water allot sooner!


  5. Bummer! We were up on Slesse a few weeks ago and had read the negative comment about the Cross Over. I wished we would have taken it now, the decent off the backside lacks luster to say the least. Although it is pretty, I would have rather swung right back to the car....

  6. I prefer AT, probably because my MCL was sprained on the teles. If you go tele, skip the backcountry for a season. Take some lessons and do it right. Its not about "if you can ski it" its about "can you ski it and live through it". I think tele is the more seasoned end of skiing. Like many sport climbers move to free climbing, we may all shift over as well.

  7. ditch away, I dropped mine in exchange for buying a pair of Atomic Tourlites w/ Fritiche (pardon the spelling) bindings. I wiegh 215 plus gear. I ski hard due to an incredible lack of technique and have no problems with them. I use them on and off slope.

    Good Luck