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  1. Not sure about the $2.99 Chuck, Chelle......

    but I am sipping on a glass of Chianti right now, finishing a slice of cheese cake from last night and listening to Led Zeppelin. Not a bad combination......

  2. Minx,


    If you are into sport climbing, then consider trying a couple of routes on the Weeping Wall on Suicide Rock.


    Serpentine 5.9 thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif(Suicide Rock is on the other side of the road from Tahquitz Rock).


    And, since you mentioned that you have 3+ weeks, you can easily just go back and forth between J-tree and Iddylwild (Tahquitz and Suicide--will be however much cooler than J Tree since it is at about 6000ft)


    And like Alex mentioned, even the 5.4's and 5.6's on Tahquitz are great multi pitch routes.


    Have fun!!!!!

  3. I personally don't make New Year's resolutions for two main reasons:


    1) I hardly come up with something good and worthwhile to accomplish the last day or week or two in December.

    2) Then, when I think of a great personal goal, let's say in the middle of February, I would hate to wait till NYE of 2004 to set it as a resolution to accomplish in 2005.


    So I make/fullfill resolutions throughout the year. Makes it more interesting this way than just once a year.


    Happy New Year bigdrink.gif

  4. You can spend a full month in either one of the places and still have so much left to climb.


    It is just my thinking that if I were to go down, I would probably want to go to both places as they are relatively close to each other (especially if I didn't have the opportunity for taking the time off every year or so).


    Only went to J-tree twice and Red Rocks once so far, and liked both places. Actually liked RR a little better as I prefer easy multi pitch climbing over single pitch (which is the majority in J-tree).

  5. Thanks all for responding.


    There's nothing wrong with this technique. I've used it a few times for this and that... The main thing is to make sure that both people are weighting the rope simultaniously.



    Not even if there is a great weight differential between the two climbers?

  6. Besides the obvious; being faster than going one by one, but with the possibility of jamming the knot, are there any other advantages/disadvantages?


    Saw it done only once by a couple of climbers....Is it a safe technique?



  7. Hey eternal X,


    So did you bring/and use the snowshoes for the Mounties Route approach last DEC?


    Called the Ranger Station already, and they said YES, but has anyone else been up there in winter, and thought that they could have done without them? Understand that conditions change....