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  1. Thanks for asking. We ended up doing the Sitkum glacier route. We saw a LOT of people. One member of our group was little worried about Frostbite. We had a great time anyway. We left late Thursday evening. The conditions were great the whole time. I still want to get out and do the other route.

  2. I saw some pink spandex in that other forum. That might look good with your white packs. I'll be with two gentleman and probably be using my orange pack. I'll say hi if we cross your path.


    Bronco-Thanks for the info. I think we are reasonably prepared and I did talk them into leaving tomorrow morning.

  3. I don't have to take a day off to leave on Friday but we'll see about my partner. Hopefully we will be earlier on the route than you but probably not faster. Say hi if you see us. I always like to meet new people especially climbers.


    Some of you are really negative. I wasn't planning on heading up a volcano in my sneaker and wind breaker! Thanks for the useful info Mattp. I was just hoping for some local insigt into weather tendencies.

  4. Thanks for the advice! The Rockies aren't home. I just lived there for a while and enjoyed the Rockies while I was there. I've got a fair amount of experience on glaciers but I've no need for an epic just because I couldn't plan ahead. I'll get my partner to leave Friday night.

  5. I am hoping that you can share some information with a Northwest newcomer. I moved here from Denver a few weeks ago. I'm planning my first alpine climb (in WA) for this weekend. The weather forecast looks like there could be a system moving in on Sunday. This time of year is that likely to be a little rain or big storm that's going to make me wish I'd stayed home? We're going to be climbing Glacier peak.


    Yeah I know that no one can accurately predict the weather and that things can change rapidly etc etc etc.


    Thanks for you help!